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'96RT vs '02RT Battery Removal Instructions


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The original battery in my 2002RT has refused to take a charge so it's time for a Panasonic or an Odyssey sealed battery (yes, I'll do a search and make my choice.) As I live in a condo with a common underground parking garage I am limited as to the wrenching I am allowed to do. Projects have to be quickly done so as not to annoy the "strata police."

I have a Haynes Manual from my previous '96RT and wonder if the Chapter 8 instructions for batterey removal directly apply to my '02RT. Are there any additions or deletions? Do I still have to raise the tank etc? If so, do both side faring panels have to come off?

FYI My mechanical skills are, at best, undeveloped.

Thanks for any and all helpful hints.

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Too funny.

While composing my post, "Lyter" was putting the finishing touches on his "Odyssey Battery Install" post . So a few of my concerns have been answered by the info he gave...oh well.

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JV -


You should have an easier time than Lyter did - his tale isn't the norm. The existing bolts on your leads are press-fit - they pop right out by using a large pair of pliers. I doubt you'll need to touch the tank - just remove the left side tupperware, undo the retaining strap and you should have clean access to the terminals. You should be able to do the whole job in a 1/2 hour allowing plenty of time to enjoy a tasty adult beverage while you're working...

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