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1996 R1100RS Clutch


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Anyone have any idea of the normal clutch life? I have 39,000 miles on my R1100RS. I am about to swap the transmission to a later unit due to the 3rd gear problem that is prevalent in these bikes. I put 8-10k mileas a year on the bike so if I could get I few years on the one I have I would prefer to take that route.

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If you're easy on it, the clutch should last more than 100K miles.


I'd definitely measure the thickness of the cluth plate while you have it apart, and make the decision to replace it or not depending on what you find.


Don't fogret to lube those input shaft splines when you put the bike back together.

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I agree with what Russell said.


I just replaced mine on a '96 RT (same clutch) at 71,000 miles. It was getting close to the wear limit (4.5mm) and I figured it only had another 20-30,000 miles left.


BMW has since redesigned the clutch for a longer life and the original clutch disc is no longer available. According to BMW you need to replace the pressure plate and the friction disc when upgrading.



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