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R1200RT does not break when dropped!


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I just returned from a full day course out on the range; 23 deg. when we started this morning. Mark Brown (our instructor) is the training director (18 years) for Motor Officers for North Carolina. It was by far the most challenging day I've had in 36 years of riding. And yes, at one point I had a confidence problem and the bike went down. The good news is that the cylinder protector took most of the damage (cheap and easy to replace). The bottom of the mirror housing is scratched (might sand out) and the muffler has some slight scratches that may buff out or perhaps remain as a badge of honor. Other bikes that went down had far worse damage including broken clutch and shift levers and damage to body panels. I believe that BMW engineers have done a good job in minimizing the amount of damage caused by a low speed fall.

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