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Mirrors for RT


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I've not been able to adjust the mirrors on my R1200RT to my liking. So I've been thinking about adding an additional set of mirrors on the handlebars, I like the look of the mirrors on the R1200ST or GS. I'd be interesting in hearing any comments and experiences.



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A couple of my friends added the mirrors on handle-bars. They told me those mirrors give you much better view, but give worse look IMHO. I've uploaded a JPEG image for you to download.


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I was used to the GS mirrors on my R1100RT, so, one of the first things I did was add mirrors to the new bike (r1200RT). I tried the K1200RS mirrors since the bikes use the same handlebar controls. They mounted nicely and looked great, however, the dual stem blocked my view of the original mirrors where I placed my wide angle aux. mirrors. I then installed the "Mickey Mouse Ear" style round, single stem mirrors from the R1150GS and I'm very happy with the setup.

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I added Saeng mirrors onto my windscreen. They are higher so they are much easier to see, and convex. Saeng offers several different options.

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I was considering these (Saeng) but think the price is a bit high and have no way to see them on a bike except at Americade which is months away.

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Just speculating here dopeslap.gif, but wouldn't the wind buffeting the windshield cause the mirror to vibrate more than the standard mirror or a handlebar mount??? Perhaps these would work best mounted on a short windshield.



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I honestly never use my mirrors while im riding, I have been so used to actualy glancing back to change lanes. The mirrors only get looked in to see if anyone is forgetting to stop.

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I also use the GS mirrors. I found that when I use the large rear case the rear vision was partially blocked for the stock mirrors. The GS mirrors cure the problem.

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Do it!

I did it and it is a huge advance in security matters.

Before installing the xtra GS mirrors, I felt like if cars just appeared by mi side when they were going faster that I, cause I could not see them when they were right stright behind my back.

Now I use the stock mirrors very wide open targeted so I can cover the blind spots on the range og 90 to 120 degrees and the GSs for spoting the cars from far behind.

It takes a while to get used to take care of 4 mirrors but once you get acustomed to it will make you feel more confident when doing quick & fast lane changes or during emergencies.

About vibration, yes they vibe, and a lot! but it is not caused mostly by the wind, it is the engine vibration that does it.

You can find out this if you just depress the clutch lever while at high speed and see how the mirrors stop dancing.


You will need the GS mirrors plus washers and special nuts.


Try it.



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