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Camhead Service Question

Danny caddyshack Noonan

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

So, as a supplement to the Jeff Spicoli theory of car (motorcycle) repair "my Dad is a TV repairman, he has this awesome set of tools. I can fix this!". Sorry, there is no CaddyShack analogue to motorcycle repair that I could come up with.


This has to do with "what can I not do if I have the following for servicing my camhead?

I've got a Twinmax from the oilhead.

I know how to do the fluids. DVD from JVB for valve lash check etc.

I'm going to order a GS-911(and sell some of the licenses to several guys at work).


Is there anything else that I won't be able to do for the impending 6000 mile, and subsequent, service intervals on a 2012 R12RT?

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Nope. You have what you need. Not hard at all.


If it takes more then 1-2 hours first time with taking the plastic off, just cut back on the beers.



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With similar equipment there's nothing I've yet found that I cannot do.


I've chosen to let the local BMW dealer do a couple of services as a relationship building thing.


It's an expensive relationship, but it paid off when my FD tried to puke its guts up.


They did everything they could to get me back on the road ASAP and let me have a gawdawful 1200GS as a loaner, then a more than gawdawful F800R...


But still, that was warranty work. For normal service stuff there really is nothing you can't do at home with a GS-911, a twin-max, and an awesome set of TV repair tools.



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