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04' 1150 RT - Fuel pump source?


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This afternoon i began replacing all of the internal hoses and fuel filter from inside the gas tank. While trying to be VERY careful removing the crimped clamps i still managed to break the plastic pipe of the fuel pump off. (Grrrrrr)


So, does anyone have a suggestion on the best source for a fuel pump? Beemer Bonyard has a replacement kit for $145 (it doesn't have the breakable plastic piping) it has more than i need since i already bought the rest of it, but it is still is less than the OEM version with the breakable plastic.


- Has anyone used the Beemer Boneyard pump?

- How well did it fit?


BTW i decided that i will be using the Beemer Boneyard supplied screw type clamps on everything to lessen the chance of damage in the future.


Thanks in advance for all of the guidance,



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I'm in the same boat as you as I did (part) of the job yesterday. The last damn oetiker clamp at the fuel pump nipple was a bear and I gave it a slight twist breaking the nipple (cheap plastic)off the fuel pump :mad:


I looked on Ebay and found a new "direct fit" fuel pump for $69.98. (click) . However, I went with the Beemer Boneyard kit as I KNOW those guys are sharp and great to do business with plus it has a brass nipple instead of plastic.

BB also has a used fuel pump listed off a low mileage bike, but again it wasn't worth it to me.

It's such a PIA job to do (internal fuel line/filter replacement), I don't want to have to do it twice.

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Outpost - I'm contacting BB now about just getting the pump and not the whole kit. Just last week i got everything in the kit except for the pump from them. The brass nipple is the big selling point for me too.

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