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Wiring Quest 2 Into 1150RT Fairing


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Can anybody provide details on where to hard wire the Garmin power leads in the fairing area? Since I've never opened that compartment, what's the best way to get in?


Thanks in advance!


Dick English

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If I were you, I'd forget about powering it from any source in the fairing and run a wire directly from the fuse panel. Routing the wire to the handelbar area requires removal of the side fairing on one side at least.

The job is not all that difficult but if you've not wired anything like this before, link up with someone local who has some experience in this.

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The radio harness socket near the glove box has both switched and un-switched 12V. It is a great place to pickup power for something like a GPS. (Not for high powered things like lights though.)


Someone here has a diagram of the pin out of the connector, but I don't have it handy. At any rate it is easy to figure out with a meter or voltage tester.

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As Ken mentioned, the radio plug is great - two wires are switched, and one is always live - i use it to power a digital voltmeter. Another good source of switched power than you can tap without removing the fairing is the parking light. Just reach up to it and pull it straight down, tap the wire in a clean way, plug it back into the light housing, and your are in business.

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Is there a radio plug (as described above) on a non-radio equipped r1100rt?

I think the connector was there on all RTs regardless.
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