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mixed drinks


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So I've never really ventured beyond beer and wine, myself. I mean, really, what the hell for? Well, okay, I'll drink a couple egg-nogs at christmas, but that's about it...


My wife has a story though about her dad, when they went hunting caribou in Alaska years ago. Weight and space was at a premium on the bush plane. So this guy comes up with a plan. I don't know where he got it, as you couldn't buy it in Washington back then (Montana probably), but this guy packs Everclear and Tabasco sauce!




Anyway, say what you will, but you have to admire his dedication and ingenuity, in the name of saving weight (he's an engineer, of course!).


Years later I find out that this particular drink is called a "Fire in the hole". I can't think of a more appropriate name. I've got the ingredients on the shelf, but I don't think I'm man enough to try it anymore. Google tells me that it was George Bernard Shaw that said "Youth is wasted on the young". Too true. Too true.


You got any good drinks beyond the regular Mojitos and Margaritas?



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Well, there's Agent Orange; just enough Everclear to mix with orange flavored Tang.


Or, the most dangerous mixed drink in the world - The Hand Grenade; Everclear mixed with glucose, so it will metabolize quickly.


I'm partial to a Godfather; scotch and amaretto with ice in a cocktail mixer, then served in a old fashioned glass over ice.

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Apple Pie



1 qt. Everclear

1 gal. Apple Juice

1 gal. Cider, apple

7 sticks Cinnamon Stick

800 g (4 Cups) Sugar


Mix apple juice, apple cider, sugar, and cinnamon sticks together. Boil until cinnamon sticks lose flavor. Add Everclear. Refrigerate

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I am a beer guy myself. I also like the occasional glass of wine. I no longer drink for the high or too get drunk, so a beer or two because I like them is enough for me.


When I was young and dumb all I wanted to do was drown the pain {pre-bipolar diagnosis and medication} with "self-medication".


I believed that any bottle, any size, any type of liquor, could NOT get the cap put back on..if I opened it, I HAD to finish it.


That led to MANY rough nights and even rougher mornings.


If I have to drink a mixed drink, like if there are really cheap well drinks somewhere, I actually REALLY like Capt Morgans {or any spiced rum} and Cranberry juice. Never a big Gin or Vodka fan so a Manhattan does not do it for me, take out the clear booze and put in spiced rum and it takes on a tart, yet warm and spicy flavor...man thats good. I have not seen it in cocktail books, so I call it a Captain Cran.

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Irish car bomb


1/2 shot of Irish Whiskey

1/2 shot Baileys Irish Cream

1/2 Pint of Guinness


Drop shot glass into the Guinness...drink....

Milk shake with the kick of a mule.

Tasty Too.

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On a hot day I'm partial to a simple Gin and Tonic. A Vodka martini will to it for me also.


I will drink to that! :wave:

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Dark and Stormys are pretty yummy















































The wife and I went out a couple of weeks ago to see a friend's band play a local gig and the bar was making some kind of "Breakfast Shooter" drink. I dont know the exact recipe but it had OJ, Crown Royal Maple, and they'd fry up a slice of fresh bacon and drape it over a stir stick into the drink. It looked pretty disgusting but there were a bunch pf folks at a table that were consuming them by the dozen

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Pretty much any gin cocktail is good in my book. Mostly I like gin & tonic, but other gin-based drinks are often quite good. If you've never had a properly mixed martini, you're missing out.


I'm also fond of a well made Manhattan. And who doesn't like a delicious margarita or caipirinha? (My god, go get yourself a good caipirinha RIGHT NOW if you've not had one.)



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I actually REALLY like Capt Morgans {or any spiced rum} and Cranberry juice.


Thats funny.......I've been drinking that for years. Happened by fate one day when the wife drank all the Coke and all we had in the fridge was Cranberry juice. It is now my prefered mixer for the 'ol Capt'n. One of our local watering holes took it, added a few other things (Razmataz I think), and started calling it a "shipwreck".


One other mixture I tend to like gets some weird looks from time to time. A good glass of clear Tequilla with a splash of olive brine......but not just any brine. I get garlic stuffed and jalapeno stuffed olives and use that. The salt in the brine can be overpowering if too much is used, but with the right mix, it is damn good.

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On a hot day I'm partial to a simple Gin and Tonic. A Vodka martini will to it for me also.


My two personal favorites as well although in recent years I've gravitated towards gin and Paul Newman's lemonade over crushed ice w/lime wedge; this is a perfect summer time drink. As for the vodka martini I like mine with a jalapeno stuffed olive.

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My son recently discovered the drink my freinds and I enjoyed at his age (mid-twenties). Tried one again a few months ago and it's still good.


Lots of ice in a tall glass

2 parts Cock 'n Bull Ginger Beer

1 part vodka

1/2 lime


But generally I prefer Scotch.

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Thanks for yet again making me realize the oppression under which Kalifornistan residents live.

I guess Everclear is illegal to sell in Kalifornistan.

Sounds like a good excuse for a road trip....


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