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Yeah, yeah, I'm making the switch to Basecamp from Mapsource. I've used Mapsource since 2002 and have gotten use to it. Does anyone know why Garmin changed? I'm sure Basecamp is fine but it is different and we need to learn a new MM intrerface. I do like that it shows much more detail when zoomed out which was needed, especially with high res displays but still, I have to go through another learning curve.

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Hey John... speaking of the Mind Meld... best way to learn BC is to erase all memory of Mapsource, re-boot your brain and start over... with the first question being... what IS this thing... you will have to go from there...


Good Luck.

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Morning John


I have been using Base Camp from it's first Beta to the current 4.1.1.


The current version 4.1.1 is like using a Windows 8 compared to DOS. (the original Base Camp= akin to DOS).


If you think it is bad now you should have been there back then.


The thing you need to keep in mind is: Base Camp DOES produce very stable & trouble free routes. That can't be said of the latest NT mapping & using Map Source. Map Source hasn't been supported by Garmin in a few years now so it just doesn’t play well with some of the latest NT mapping & complex routes.


The search function is still pretty lame in Base Camp but it seems to be getting a bit better with each iteration of Base Camp (well until 4.1.1).


If you don't like something in Base Camp complain to Garmin as they do seem to address some of the major complaint issues in each version.


Personally, my guess is that Garmin had so much trouble with Base Camp crashing & giving errors that most of their programming effort is going into correcting major issues so the user interface will start getting better as they can focus more on those things than on the major malfunctions.


4.1.1 is running very stable for me & actually produces great trouble free routes so that is a major step forward.


Once they get the search function to have a happy face & actually find places it will be a pretty decent routing program.


Base Camp actually functions a lot like Map Source once you figure out how to use what program "tool" in each situation to make that happen.


Personally, I'm still not too happy with the folder & list hierarchy & just hate the file transfer functions (way to many key strokes to do a simple transfer to other than the GPS ). Hopefully that will improve as new versions of Base Camp appear.


(in my opinion) The one big issue still in Base Camp (if you could even call it an issue) is the ability to make a simple unintentional delete mistake & end up deleting a POI or Way Point in ALL your Base Camps stored routes instead of just the route you are currently working on. It really pays a person back in spades to always save each route near & dear to you in a out-of-Base Camp (remote) folder as that a way a simple delete mistake in Base Camp won't alter your favorite routes.


Just as a comparison-- you should have tried using the original versions of Map Source (I have since it first came out). It had as many or more bugs than Base Camp & was very unstable on a lot of win 98 & early NT computers.


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D.R., it's not the bugs, i haven't got into it enough for that yet. It's the different mmi. Even has different design icons. Usually you "evolve" a product rather than start new.

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This discussion kind of harkens back to my big question: WHY is Garmin so absolutely incompetent at software that they consistently release buggy, hard to use software and force people to find work arounds until they get around to fixing what should have been fixed before the software's release?

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This discussion kind of harkens back to my big question: WHY is Garmin so absolutely incompetent at software that they consistently release buggy, hard to use software and force people to find work arounds until they get around to fixing what should have been fixed before the software's release?


Because they essentially have a monopoly on this stuff. Who else are you gonna use? TomTom?

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For the life of me, I don't understand how Garmin dropped the ball on carrying over shaping points from Mapsource to Basecamp. That you have to jump through hoops to create a route that doesn't call out every point you place in a route is a disgrace. The supposed "Won't alert" feature doesn't work either in Basecamp. Awful... I'm so ready for an online mapping tool that does away with mapping programs and map updates anyway. I'd gladly pay a yearly service fee for a reliable, easy to use, mapping tool that I could use anywhere I can get a 'net connection and transfer to my Zumo.

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Morning kltk165


To me that is the positive side of Base Camp. Those shaping points are one of the reasons that MapSource has issues making a stable route with the latest NT mapping.


Problem is, Map Source doesn't update the Map Database Indexes. That leads to corrupt routes & odd phantom routing lines in a route made in Map Source.


At least Base Camp updates the Map Database Indexes to go with the map so if you place them correctly they won't announce. The "Won't Alert feature is supposed to work with the newest GPS products but sure doesn't with the older Zumo series.


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Interesting. I stopped using Mapsource about a year ago knowing Basecamp was the future. I never had any issues with shaping points being transferred properly from MS to the Zumo and found it quite easy to simply place the point at an intersection and be done with it. With Basecamp you never know if placing a point at an intersection is going to give you the result of simply guiding the route or being interpreted as a via. No matter how close I zoom in. It's better when creating the route using the map on the Zumo as opposed to the PC (One of the nice features of Basecamp), but even that's hit and miss. For me anyway. This riding season I'm gonna have to work a little harder at trying to figure out how to perfect placing the points properly with BC.


Map data base indexes? Would this be where a GPS gets its information to place a mark at a certain point on the map on the GPS from the mapping program? I.E. Mapsource Or Basecamp?

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Morning kltk165


I hear you on announcements.


That is one of the little annoying issues with Base Camp.


Sounds like you are making (& guiding) the route using the (New Route Tool). That will (can) place the flags (& announcements) even on major intersections.


Until Garmin gets the unflag function to work with the old GPS units the flagging seems to be hit or miss thing.


So, "don't do that" -- that is making a new route using the "New Route Tool" to guide the route.


You need to try different things yourself to see the results ON YOUR GPS.


Try this as a TEST-- Start a new route using the "New Route Tool" but ONLY click on the beginning point then the end point. Then allow Base Camp to "automatically" make the route. Now, use the Insert (pencil) tool to move the incorrect route sections to where you need it to run. For me this usually results in no extra flagging or announcements.





Added: There is also an Unflag tool (PONI killer)


But personally I don't like or use this program, as you can lose via points from your route.


You can try it but I suggest you also have your original (unaltered) route in your GPS as a back up.


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Thanks DR! Never noticed the flags in the route directions before. Honestly, hadn't checked before sending to Zumo. If I can catch flags in the directions list in BC before sending to Zumo that will go a long way towards cleaning up the route.

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