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Zumo 665 map update problem

Steve Kolenda

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Steve Kolenda

I have lifetime map updates for my Zumo 665. Notified of an available update. When I try to run the update it tells me there is not enough space for all of the maps and that I need to select a region. Anybody else having this problem? There is a new interface for doing the update called Garmin Express.

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Unfortunate;y this is not an unusual problem.


You 665 probably has enough space for the North America maps but it may also have an extra copy of the old map in there taking up space.


Tech Support can possibly tell you what to delete or the may do it for you via a remote access to your computer.


You might also go over to zumoforums join or logon and see what they say.

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Steve Kolenda



I have been updating the maps on this unit for a couple of years and never had this problem before. This has only been a problem since the new interface.

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Morning Steve


What you have is a GOOD THING. With that darn Gamin Express IF it finds enough room on your GPS for all the mapping it WON'T install the mapping on your computer. (that is a piss poor thing on Garmin's part)


That means you will have to use Base Camp & hook your GPS to the computer to use the newest mapping.


When you hook your GPS to the computer & when using Garmin Express (& your GPS doesn't have enough room for the mapping) you should have a button appear in the lower L/H corner of one of the update screens (you might have to go in a few). That button should have the options of (Computer), (GPS), (Both)


That is a good thing so JUST click on (computer) & allow it to install the entire NA map on your computer.


Once the mapping is on your computer just use the "Map Tool" in Map Source & transfer the mapping that you want to your GPS using the send-to (button/arrow). Just be sure you only have "MAP" box ticked.



If your GPS has an SD card the entire North America should easily fit on your GPS.


SO, either do it that way OR just use the old "Web Updater" program (probably still on your computer from the old days). As of now that still works.



Added: I should add a caution, IF you manage to fool around & get "Garmin Express" to work & it finds enough room on your GPS it is then a big pain to get the 2013.4 NA map set on your computer so keep that in mind.


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Steve Kolenda

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I used Express to transfer the new maps to my computer only. Then I went to Base Camp thinking I could move the maps to my Zumo 665 but it tells me there is not enough space. Looked for a place to be able to delete the old maps but could not find one. I am now downloading to my device using Mapupdater. Does any of this make sense? As stated earlier I have never had a problem with Mapupdater. Every update has loaded all of the maps onto the Zumo. One of the reasons I bought the Zumo was to allow me to have all of the maps on the GPS.

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I just went through all this with my Streetpilot 2720.

3 times it didn't load all the maps and hung up on transferring file!

So, I just went and uninstalled all the Garmin programs and files on my PC and then used MapUpdater to both PC and GPS saving installation files.


Worked just great for me....

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Afternoon Steve


You shouldn't have to delete any maps on the GPS. Map Updater should just write the new 2013.4 over the old mapping.


In any case, if you want to look, the mapping should be in you GPS main drive in the Garmin folder & it is the Gmapsupp (probably the largest in the Garmin folder).


If you have an SD card in your GPS the remained of the map should again be in the Garmin folder & again it should be the Gmapsupp.


If you have an SD card in your GPS just break the map up to install by installing say EAST of the Mississippi river to the GPS main drive & the remainder of the mapping to the SD card (the GPS will find & use the map just fine).


Or break it up by sending Canada & Alaska to the SD & the remainder to the GPS main drive.


Just be VERY CAREFUL that you don't send the same place to both the GPS main drive & to the SD card as that can cause issues.


Personally I send ONLY my home state to the GPS main drive & the remainder of the North America to the SD card.


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Thanks for all the sage advice. Once I got rid of Garmin Express, the Map Updater worked fine. Oddly enough my 665 still shows both the old and new maps. And I could not load the entire new map - only major portions of it. So not sure if it is due to the old and new maps or too many map trips loaded. Question: with one copy of Gmapsupp - should I assume I have only have the new map or could the Gmapsupp have two maps loaded? Spent over one hour on the forums and Garmin website researching this, but no luck. Suggestions welcome.

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Morning Patrick


I need just a bit more info to give you anything concrete.



Does your GPS have an SD card in it?


Do you have Map Source on your computer?


A few things about map transfer. In most cases the new mapping overwrites the old mapping so if you NOW have 2 map versions showing in the GPS that is more than likely because it ONLY sent the new mapping to GPS main storage & not the SD card. Try removing the SD card & see if you then only have one map version showing.


If you have 2 separate map versions showing in your GPS you have to be VERY CAREFUL that only one version is tick marked (you shouldn't have both versions running at once). If by chance both versions have the same area mapping (say both have Vermont) & they overlap it can drive your routing crazy.


It sort of sounds to me like you sent SOME OF the new mapping to the GPS but not the remainder of the mapping to the SD card. (SD card should show as a separate drive on your computer)


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Steve Kolenda



Most likely I am missing something but I do not understand what is going on. If I use the new Garmin Express it tells me that it can not load all of the maps because there is not enough space but if I use the old Mapupdater it cleanly loads all of the maps. I do have a memory card in my 665 but none of my maps are located on that card. So, program 1 "not enough space", program 2 no problem with space.

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Morning Steve


I really don't know as Gamin Express is new & I only have limited experience with it.


About the only way I could tell you much is to experiment with both programs & your GPS.


As a (quick) test you might remove the SD card from your GPS then see if Map Updater still shows enough room for the entire 2013.4 map. (my guess is it won't)


You might also look on your SD card to see if you have a Garmin folder on that, if so look for Gmapsupp in that folder. You might have some of the map on your SD & not know it.


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Steve Kolenda



There is nothing on the SD card except for a JPEG folder and a Music folder which I have some music in.

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I had looked to see see if the SD card had any maps and it did not - only music. But I did remove the SD card, deleted Gmapsupp and then reloaded the 2013.40 map. Was able to load the same ~775 megs worth of maps that included about 2/3rds of US and Canada (leaving about 100 meg free for a buffer).

No change, but I did take your advice and checked off the other old map. I do like the Garmin hardware gear, but their software access for users is 3rd rate.

Bottom line the 665 is working well, so I will let sleeping dogs lie. Thanks for your advice and having only one map checked off will likely keep it running well. Appreciate your time.


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There is nothing on the SD card except for a JPEG folder and a Music folder which I have some music in.


Morning Steve


Then I really don't know what to tell you without playing with both mapping install programs & your GPS.


Have you connected your GPS to your computer & imported the GPS mapping back into your computer's Map Source program to see if you have the ENTIRE map on the GPS? Possibly Map Updater truncated it to get it to fit.



Added: if this is something you just have to know for peace of mind then you will have to play with both programs & try with & without the SD card in the GPS.


On the other hand if this is just gathering info for the future installs don't bother as there have been some complaints with Garmin Express so more than likely it will be changed & different by next new map update that comes out.


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For the Zumo 550, I had to delete my old maps, before I could load the new ones, with either program.

1. Install new map data/upgrade on computer.

2. Backup or copy entire GPS drive in a separate folder.

3. Then delete files on GPS with dates close to the time you last updated maps.

4. Run Garmin Express and load the map area you want or can fit on GPS.

5. Use Mapupdater to install the rest of the new map data to your SD card from computer.


Garmin Express will not delete or over write the old mapdata, that is the problem. Has to be manually deleted.

I guess this is to prevent deleting special maps, that some folks gave bought.

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Morning Bernie


Did you try to update the Zumo 550 using Garmin Express without deleting the old mapping.


I have had no problems with Garmin Express overwriting the older mapping on either the Zumo 450 or 550. In fact that in itself is an issue as it will also overwrite a 24K topo map if that is on the GPS.


The only problems I have had with Garmin Express myself is when using with a GPS that WILL hold the entire N.A. 2013.4 map. If the GPS will hold the entire map there isn't an option in Garmin Express available to also place the mapping on your computer.


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I sure wish Garmin would monitor this thread and others like it. There is absolutely no reason their software has to be so screwed up that users have to spend a huge amount of time figuring out work arounds.

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Good afternoon Dirtrider

Yes, I tried to update the normal way 4 times and all I got is a message saying there is not enough room on my drive(Zumo 550). So I downloaded and installed the map up date to my computer (Win8). After that, I deleted the old map data files from the Zumo and then restarted Garmin Express and it installed the normal portion of North America of the map data.

Apparently the version of Garmin Express, that Garmin let me download, doesn't delete the old map data files, (making room on the drive of the Zumo) before trying to installing the new ones.

Maybe the next version will.

In the past years it has been quiet a challenge to be able to upgrade the map data on the Zumo 550, it is almost like Garmin is trying to prevent the consumer from upgrading.

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I sure wish Garmin would monitor this thread and others like it...


That would be impossible, or impractical at least. They do, however, monitor -- and often reply to -- posts on Garmin Forums. Here's the link:




Yeah, I went there several times. I normally got the answer "The problem you're having can't be happening."

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Evening Bernie


OK, that makes sense. Your issue had nothing to do with Garmin Express not overwriting your old mapping in the Zumo.


The basic issue is that the Zumo 550 doesn't have a large enough main drive to hold the entire 2013.4 NA mapping. That means you had to initially choose a smaller mapping area in Garmin Express (that isn't obvious at first glance so you probably missed it). You didn't have to delete the old mapping to get a portion of the NA map on your Zumo but if that worked for you it isn't that much extra effort to do. (I just updated two Zumo 550's & a 450 this morning for friends at breakfast using Garmin Express & didn't have to delete any old mapping first as it just overwrote the old 2013.3.


By far the easiest way to put the large new NT mapping on the Zump 550 is to just download it to your computer. Then once on your computer use Map Source (map tool) or Map Install to install on the Zumo.


In one way the Zumo 550 is a better unit to use Garmin Express on as it won't hold the entire 2013.4 mapping. If it would have you would NOT have had the option of installing the 2013.4 to your computer at all. (hopefully that will be changed on the new version of Garmin Express)


You shouldn't have to fight with putting a map update on your Zumo 550 as that is one of the easier units to update the mapping on even using Garmin Updater. As I mentioned above, if you have Map Source on your computer just use "Map Updater" (don't mess with Garmin Express) to install the mapping directly to your computer, then open that map in Map Source & use the "map tool" to select the parts of the map you want to send to your Zumo 550, then use the send-to button to send the selected mapping to your Zumo. Another positive of doing it this way is allows you to (combine) & include other mapping like a local routable TOPO map.


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