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Re: 1100RT handle bar vibration question


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have a '00 1100RT with 21k miles and on the ride home today noticed that my left forearm was falling asleep while riding. I was going about 75mph at about 4,000 RPM and the road was smooth. Now I commute on this bike just about every day and have never noticed that the bar end (btw I have Tmeister bar ends) vibrate a lot. Now this is the first time that I noticed this, so I'm not sure if it was this way before and I was just grabbing the bar too tight or is this something new. Any help is appreciated. Thanks,


PB :ThumbUp:

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Have you had your throttle bodies sync'ed lately?

It should be done about every 10k miles. (I am guessing here)

I bet that having the valves adjusted and the throttle bodies sync'ed will make the vibration go away.

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