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Throttle twist grip sticking

Chris Cash

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I have a 04 1150RS that I just got. The twist grip throttle is sticking. I had to loosen the bar end weight to get it to returne to idle by its self.

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Morning Chris Cash


You don't have a bar end throttle lock on that bike do you? Some look just like a standard bar end weight only you twist it to lock the throttle.


Otherwise, either loosen the screws & move the throttle housing inboard a bit OR, shim the weight out with a thin washer (somewhat common issue).


Usually gets worse with heated grips turned on & heated grips expanded.


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If you have a picture of the throttle side post it and people will be able to see if there is a throttle lock.


That is a knurled ring on the end of the grip, inboard of the bar end weight that you you can twist to hold the throttle on, a sort of cruise control if you will.

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Afternoon kmac


They don't all have knurled rings or blatant identifiers. Some throttle locks like the Throttle Meister are slick & look a lot like stock. On those the throttle lock side is almost identical to the clutch lever side by looks.


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I tryed to twist it thinking it had a cruse control on it. If the end bolt is tight it will not move, even loose there is no diffence in the tension. Can I move the assembly up the bar some? Cant find a pinch bolt for the assembly, is it under all the switches?

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Afternoon Chris


Remove the screws holding the combinations switch on (look underneath also). There is a rear facing pinch bolt under it.



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When I got my 1100gs, the previous owner made some large plastic washers on the throttle side ends, so that the plastic washers would touch the metal and not the rubber sides.



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Be careful with loosening the bar ends, that just treats a symptom and not the problem... My bar ends were what I thought were on properly and I lost the one on the throttle side... it obviously vibrated loose and I didn't see it. Find out where your throttle is binding and fix the problem... the bar end isn't it unless it is also a throttle lock.



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