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2004 Special Edition - Radio??


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Hey folks,

As I continue my search for a 2004 RT, I have come across a few that are the black, Special Edition model. Any specific feedback about this bike? My understanding is that the only difference is the color and it includes a radio and, uh, a cassette player?? Does anybody have any experience with this accessory? Does it consume otherwise useable storage space? Clearly, the cassette player would be useless to me but I'm curious about the options of replacing it with something else, or removing it altogether. I have a Sena SMH-10 headset that I'll be using so I'm not even sure if there is a compatibility there. Are these bikes considered to be more valuable, or just a markup opportunity?


As always, thanks for the input.

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This is the bike that I've got. Aside from the radio I know of nothing special about the bike except that I've got over 100k of enjoyable and resonably priced miles on it.


If you wash your bike a lot, the radio can be useful for tunes while drying it; otherwise, not so much. I could never hear it while riding but others claim they can. Never tried to look for an aux output for either earbuds or a bluetooth dongle so I don't know if that's a possibility. Oh, the previous owner found a cheap gadget that fitted into a cassette case and wired to an MP3 player for playing recorded music through the speakers.


I do like having an antenna on the bike. It gives me a place for an antenna topper (see my avitar).



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The box where the radio sits is a great storage bin, after you remove the radio. The radio (and speakers) are basically worthless while moving. As Quinn says - they're pretty much only good while washing the bike in the driveway. (Which I never did - I figured i'd rather lean than clean.)


I pulled the stereo out of mine, removed the wires, patched the wire hole with Gorilla tape, and never looked back.


However - getting the speakers out from the dash is a little bit of a headache. Changing the headlight bulbs can be done by reaching up under the dash - IF you don't have the speakers in place. With the speakers still there, it becomes a serious PITA.

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I thought that came with color matched lids on the saddlebags?


The special edition only came in black so yes the lids on the sidecases were as black as all the other '04s and therefore color matched. Same as the tires.





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Don't remember selling any of them.

I've seen it, but was a while ago.

Might've had a chrome kill switch for all I can recall...


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Thanks guys, it may end up being a moot point. I think I have found another one that might be calling my name. Don't want to jinx it, so ill keep everyone posted.

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