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Removing R1150RT Alarm


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I would like to remove the factory alarm system. I have the operators manual but I would like to get my hands on installation or service instructions. Nothing in the service manual at all. Has anyone done this? Is there a service manual for the alarm?

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Hi Mark,


I took off the alarm from two 1150 gs's. I am assuming the alarm is the same on all 1150 bikes. You can leave it in place and just disconnect some wires. I do not remember exactly how it's done, but I have the manual in the garage and could scan it for you.


Also, in the manual, there is a section on how to set it. Are you annoyed by the fact that it auto-sets by itself af 20 secs after bike shutdown? That can be changed and you can only arm it and dis-arm it from the remote.



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Hi Dan,


In a round about way I think I've located the installation instructions online. I'll read them over and see if it looks like I can just reverse the procedure. I would likely just leave everything installed but disconnected, as you suggested.


If you have instructions that are specific to uninstalling I'd appreciate a copy.


The biggest annoyance is the non glove friendly remote buttons. And this being a used bike, the remote is literally beat to death and hanging on by a prayer. The last thing I want is to be 1000 miles from home and end up with an alarm disabled bike.

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Thanks Dan!


Once I found an English version of the alarm installation instructions, it looks pretty simple. I'm going to just disconnect the three cables for now and leave the alarm on the bike disconnected and disabled. That's on the to-do list for today...

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