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Air Compressor Problems.....


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For some time, my air compressor let's out more air then it pus into my tires.


I've had a tankless craftsman air compressor like this one




For quite some time. It might be just the attachment that needs to be replaced???? What do you think?


I don't have any air tools - nor, do I except to get any. Any recommendations?????




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Joe Frickin' Friday

When you say it "lets out more air than it puts into my tires," do you mean it leaks a lot at the connect to your tire's valve stem?


what's the air chuck like? Is it a press-on one you have to hold in place, or does it have a flip-lever lock like a bicycle pump? If the former, it may have just lost a rubber gasket; if the latter, the bushing that grabs/seals on the valve stem threads may just be worn out.


Check with Sears for replacement parts. If you have the press-on chuck and can't find a gasket, you might just replace the entire chuck.

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The first place I'd look is in that polyethylene coil hose. We have that at work and the hose is always a problem. After that, the quick connect fittings would be the next place to look. Spray it down with a bottle of soapy water, like you do for a flat tire.


If it's the hose, they commonly fail right there at the end where the fitting is inserted. You can cut the ends off and re-attach the fittings, and thus avoid buying a new hose. Use a cup of boiling water to heat up the end of the hose, and the fitting will slide right in. Sometimes you need a hose clamp, and sometimes you can get away without it.


Or do you suspect that it's the chuck? If that's the case, just replace it. BestRest Products will sell you a replacement chuck for their cycle pump for about $5. It's the best chuck I've ever seen.



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Yes, it a press on chuck - where you have to hold it down to the valve stem.


It hard to get a good seal to put air in.


Sometimes it will take 15-20 minutes to fill a tire.


Will take a run down to sears to get replacement parts or a new chuck.



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Afternoon BULLman


I am not familiar with that air pump but if it takes that long to fill a tire look for leaks (like the hose or air chuck mentioned above) OR, possibly a plugged air filter as most compressors have a basic air filter on the intake.


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You can find a variety of air fittings at the big-box stores (Home Dep and Lowes in my area), including a ball-type air chuck. Bring your old one along to be sure you get a new one that fits the hose, etc.


Tests: With the compressor running, when you depress the air chuck center pin does air come out? Have someone hold the air chuck on a valve stem while you listen and feel for leaks along the hose and internal parts. How old is the compressor and how much use does it get? Maybe it's just worn out (my experience with those compressors is they don't live long - inside the plastic housing it is basically the same as the inexpensive take-along compressors some touring riders carry)



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Thanks to all the responses.


Went to Sears and got a new $2.99 chuck.


Figured out to take off the old one and installed the new one!


Works great. Should of done this a year ago :dopeslap:

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$2.99 has to be the cheapest fix you've ever made! Glad it worked out.




Especailliy considering my mechanical prowess :dopeslap:

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