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Nolan N43 helmet and Bluetooth ideas?


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Bought my Nolan N43 Trilogy helmet a few years ago with a J&M Elite (wired) headset custom installed by Sierra. It looks and works very, very well. Most comfortable and practical helmete I've ever owned. I do NOT want to replace it. No complaints with the J&M headset....BUT just bought a '13 BMW R1200RT and looks like jury-rigging its audio system to use with the wired headset will cost maybe $200+, and that's IF I can figure how to it. Already contacted Sierra - they agree.


So, I am now looking for a BlueTooth headset to replace my beloved J&M wired one. Prices seem to be all over....Sena at $150, J&M at nearly $400. Anyone successfully using a BT with a Nolan N43?



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She uses the Sena with the BMW audio system and it works well? Or does she just use it with a BT GPS and/or cell phone?


I really need to find a BT headset that will work well with the BMW audio system on my 2013 RT.

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