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Wonderlick Integrater GPS mount?


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I have a BMW/Garmin NAV III on my bike. That's basically a 28xx GPS. BMW mounts that to the motorcycle on the steering head. That is so low that it is blocked by my tankbag.


I'm like to find a way to mount the GPS higher. One option is a RAM moount on the steering head (or?) with the long RAM arm...but another is to mount the GPS above the instrument panel....like the Wunderlick GPS mount. . However, I am not sure what exactly mounts to the Wunderlick thing....does a regular RAM mount for a 26xx/27xx/28xx work? How involved is mounting that Wunderlick thing to the dash? I'm reluctant to remove dash or body panels to mount it.

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The BMW mount straddles the top of the instrument panel.



Thanks, I have been looking for a photo of BMW's mount.


That BMW one would mount to my 2013 RT, but I don't believe it would allow me to mount my older BMW/Garmin Nav III GPS (off a 2009 RT). It's basically a Garmin StreetPilot 28xx GPS. It's looking like the Wunderlich Integrated dash mount will work better for attachment of more GPS cradles.

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