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Question about the inner bags on the 1100/1150 bikes

dan cata

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Hi all,


I have recently purchased a set of OEM System inner cases. the material used is the same as on my 1100GS tank bag.


When I opened the package, I noticed that the L/H side bag is smaller than the R/H side bag. This led me to think that the set came off a GS bike, having the L/H case smaller because of the exhaust.


I compared the codes on realoem.com and it seems like the the inner parts are the same for both GS and RT bikes(same code/part # meaning same product).


Is there another larger case for the L/H side? I feel like there will be unused storage room on the bike... Also, realoem states "adjustable". there is nothing adjustable on my bags. Does that refer to the handle?



Dan Cata

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My BMW branded inner bags have a zipper that allows the bags to expand (to fit the touring lids). One has an external pouch and is narrower than the other - from memory (I am at work now) the narrow bag with pouch goes on the RH side as this bag is shallower to make room for the US market charcoal cannister.



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But realoem.com and maxbmw.com only list 2 codes for inner bags, one for L/H side and one for R/H side, for all the 1100 and 1150 bags.


What kind of bags do I have then? The are definitely OEM, they have the logo and an tag that says they are made and designed by bmw.



Dan Cata

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GT's or my vintage and RS's have a smaller L side also.


I have expandable bags, (not OEM, made by Kathy's) they have a second zipper that allows bag to expand sideways if you add touring lids (I have).


Also have BMW OEM's (black/yellow/purple) that don't expand.

They are different volume and have different shape/size appendage pockets on the sides specific to the mold of the saddlebag.



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Should last a long time, designed for the "system" which means

one size covers all, or not, in your case.

(mine have yellow piping/purple straps, BMW was artsy back in the day ;) )


If they aren't what you need, sell 'em, they're well made.


convertible bags link


Don't know if shipping cost would nix it but here's the Kathy's (sold thru Bobs BMW only now?) bags.

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