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Trying to re-wire the heated grips...Need some experienced guidance


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Looking for a little guidance here. I buggered my heated grips by accidentally severing one the wires. I unwrapped everything (throttle side) and reattached the resistance wires using some crimped metal tubing...but alas...no heat.


The left side still works, but I can't get any heat on the throttle side. I've checked the connections at the main junction (the connector that branches the left and right side from the harness) and even switched the left with the right to see if it was just a bad connection. No go. Clues anyone? (Its a 1995 R1100RS).



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Use the diode function of a DVM on the black/brown wire ends and see if the circuit is not opened somewhere ;)


Then see if you get 12V to the black/brown wire.



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Maybe there is another break in the resistance wire? I would check the ohms to see if the circuit is complete. I just rewired my passenger side grip from scratch using the method on this thread. I had a break in the wire around the thumb area and didn’t want to spend $110 buying an OEM replacement. Hope this helps.



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