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Sena SMH10 to Zumo 550 problem


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I listen to MP3 music stored on my GPS. I've also got an phone bluetoothed to the GPS. Now I'm adding a new Sena headset to the mix. The headset is only connected to the GPS. If I'm listening to music, it will interrupt for phone calls. Upon hanging up the phone, the music comes back on. Just like it should. However, if I'm listening to music and either initiate or answer the intercomm to another unit, the music doesn't come back on when I disconnect. I don't know about routing instructions, but imagine they won't come back either.


Any ideas? I can't figure out if it's a Garmin or a Sena problem. Operator error maybe?





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Is the GPS connected to the Sena as a 'Phone'? I believe this is the correct way to connect it.


If the GPS is connected as a secondary bluetooth MP3 device instead (the Sena can connect in 2 ways), then it may be reverting to the primary 'phone' connection after you disconnect intercom.


I use the same setup and this does not happen to me.



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The Sena sets the priority for what it sends to its speakers, so I think it is a Sena problem. ie the GPS just transmits to the Sena when it wants to, with the Sena deciding which signal (GPS/Phone, secondary bluetooth device or the other Sena headset via intercom) to put to the speakers. The Sena then needs to revert to the correct 'priority order' bluetooth device (GPS/phone then the secondary device).


Have you updated the Sena to the latest firmware?



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Good suggestion about updating firmware; will do that this morning. Further futzing around tells me routing instructions won't renew the connection to the headset. Nor does turning off the other headset.


I have it set up with the GPS as a phone and it is the only thing connected to the Sena. Apparently it is just not switching back to the GPS link once the intercomm has been used, but it's not connected to the intercomm link either. Yet it does switch back if I initate a phone call from the GPS.





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I went on a nice loop with my wife today and did not have a problem with Zumo 550 GPS, SMH10 and SM10 providing radio.


I may not have had the intercom conflicting with GPS though as both are used rarely (I have radio mainly going).


Hopefully upgrading the firmware will solve your problems.



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Well, upgrading firmware did nothing for me, nor did reiniting the headsets and the Zumo. Even tried a BMW nav IV. I've been lobbing the tennis ball back and forth with Sena Support trying to get things working. They have been great. Wish a knew someone with another Sena smh10 to try; these two were packaged together and it may just be a bad batch.


Can't say enough good things about Sena support. We've had four or five pairs of exchanges and they are actually reading what I'm writing and offering what seems to me to be good solid troubleshooting suggestions. As opposed to calling a PC helpline for a file corruption problem and then asking me to see if the computer is plugged in.





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I have the same issue. I have the SMH10 and Zumo 550.

After multipoint conference connection is lost to GPS.

Sena said to press the phone button to reinitiate the connection. That did NOT work for me.


This problem went away for a while (version 4.1 I think), but reappeared in firmware version 4.2.



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I should add that I believe this only happens when I am the bridge (multiple other riders connected to me).

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I'm at a standstill with mine until next week. Sena sent me two new units which exhibited the same problem. Only use I would have would be to listen to monoral music and GPS instructions and then turn the headset off and back on after being interrupted by an intercomm communication to re-establish the connection.


Next week, I'm adding a radio with bluetooth to the mix. Not sure how they reccommend linking everything up, but I think the radio becomes the hub for gps, headset, phone, and xm radio. Only reason to put the phone through the Zumo 550 is to have access to the phonebook for outgoing calls.





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I have an smh10r, but the programming should be similar. Although since I don't use intercom, not sure if this will actually fix your issue. As I read things, it may be "working as designed".


If you haven't already, delete all pairings in the Sena and try pairing the 550 as 'phone selective pairing' instead of 'phone pairing'. The reason is the 550 does not use the A2DP stereo profile, only HFP. Then establish your 'intercom pairing'. Even in this configuration, its not clear if you need to manually end the intercom call with a tap of the button to go back to the 550.


At issue may be what is actually happening at the time of the interruption. The priority is Mobile Phone (the 550 is interpreted as a phone regardless of mode) , Intercom, Bluetooth stereo music. That is, a higher priority can interrupt a lower one, but not the reverse.


When using the Zumo as a music source it is in constant use, the intercom is a lower priority so there is no reverting to the previous function. When only GPS instructions happen while an intercom conversation is in progress, the higher function (mobile phone) is the interruption so it reverts to the lower function that was in use at the time of interruption.


I believe your stereo radio would pair using 'media selective pairing' but since that would be a lower priority than intercom, it should work OK.

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