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170/60/17 vrs 180/55/17


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I have a rear tire in my basement. Brand new, I must have purchased it last summer. I am thinking either they shipped the wrong size and I did not notice it. or I decided to try something different. I am assuming those tires are interchangeable on any standard 5.5 rim. I am thinking I may have purchased it for our 2004 FJR 1300. Just not sure. Any input to solve this tyre mystery would be appreciated. thanks

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I have no input re your query, but I can relate.


I find stuff all the time and wonder where I got it, why, and what it was for. Some of it is pretty cool. Most of it is junk.


Quite often I find myself wondering where I am, why, and how I got there. Then I go somewhere else and often repeat. It's actually quite fun when riding.



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I don't know what the height difference of the two sizes would be but according to tire fittment guides both sizes will fit on a 5.5 inch rim.

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The 170/60 should work just fine. I can't get the ME880 that I like to use on the rear of my R1200RT in the standard 180/55 so I've been using the 170/60. Between my 97 and 11 RTs, I probably have over 100k miles using the 170/60.

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If you go to the dunlop motorcycle site you they give you the various dimensions of the tires and sizes. At least it would be a point of reference to consult.



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