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Is there a stylus and a app for a tablet that will allow you to write normally? Just downloaded Evernote tried to use it with a stylus I picked up from RadioShack and could NOT write anything that I could say is handwriting!! ANY GOOD IDEAS?


I have a Galaxy 2 tablet and need to take notes "I can read later" at a convention

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Search the Android store for "handwriting". The (free) Handwrite app may meet your needs:


Handrite Notes Notepad is an instant, intuitive notepad to write sticky notes, memo pad, post it notes, journal, and to do lists all with the touch of your finger.

Handrite Notes Notepad allows you to write with your finger right on your screen. Each time you lift your finger, the character or symbol you write appears in the notebook. The Handrite Notes notebook replicates exactly what you write on the screen. Keep, send, or post your notes easier than any notepad memo pad, editor, post it note, or to do list app.

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