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ESKA Tour 2 Waterproof gloves


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Well this Christmas was one of the rare times where I actually got something off my list (rarely get asked for list come to think of it).

When I was looking for new cold weather waterproof gloves on-line whilst making said list I ran across a very positive review of the ESKA Tour 2 Waterproof

glove...a little pricey but if its the bee's knee's then $ well spent. Well...after trying them on, or trying to as they evidently run quite small, it appears as though

they would indeed be waterproof but only warm enough in a Texas summer rain. :( Perhaps this speaks to the value of shopping locally.

Was wondering if anyone else has these and what they think about them....




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Thanks for the input...I went looking for the review and I'm not sure where I saw

it in December but I just picked up the Feb issue of Roadrunner and they have a

review in there...after reading this review I see where I messed up...


"Although I wouldn't consider the Tour 2 glove a winter glove in colder climates,

my hands stayed reasonably warm as the mercury dipped into the upper 40's

on fall mornings, and stayed cool on summer days"


Upper 40's? Like many of the other chaps here the mornings usually start in

the mid 30's. After thinking more about this and about my old gloves (which were

dreadful in the Sacramento summer heat and a bit too porous in the wet cold

winter months) I think I'll get the next size bigger and try some silk or equivalent

liners....may they will be fine with liners and the heated grips in winter and better

in the heat. Maybe I'm asking too much from one pair of gloves.

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"one pair of gloves"


you can do better, be like Imelda.


I always ahve regular Steve Held, Held rain, Aerostitch Triple Digit covers, and liners w/me.


For cold i keep those and add Gerbings G3, Olympia leather/insulated full gauntlet, First Gear wind/waterproof/insulated Voyager (?), and just added a pair of Hi Viz olympia insulated waterproof.


Gloves take up very little room for the ROI, IMO.

I do not want to ever ride w/cold or wet hands again.


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