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EWS help !!


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just parked the bike in the garage with a full haul of xmas presents, unloaded and went to start and nothing, just a clacking sound. did this 3 times and finally saw the EWS show up on the display. garbbed the spare and nothing. Mine has had the recall done but i need help getting around this thing. My bike is my only transportation . Isn't there a jumper or something that can be done, Help

if you got some advise you can call too 707 373 9420.

its almost 6 pm in California


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Evening mig


If you have a REAL EWS failure there is no workaround. It wouldn’t be much of an anti-theft system if it could be easily defeated.


First thing, make sure your battery isn't low (try charging it for a while).


Next, try sharply turning your handlebars back & forth while trying to start it. You need to keep turning the key completely off between cranking tries.


If the EWS doesn’t go away with a fully charged battery you will more than likely need a new antenna ring around the key.


If you have any other keys on your key ring that contain an electronic pellet make sure that key is not near your ignition switch.


Last thing to try is backing your bike outside. Real long shot but maybe something in your garage sending a false signal to the antenna ring.


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thanks for the quick response guys.

i called the local shop just as they were closing and they dont have a ring but will try and get me one by friday. went out and tried to start the bike and it did!!! the shop thinks it might be the battery, although i just parked it. will put on charger over night and see how it goes

thanks to Kathy and DR


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Mig, sounds like a battery issue.

I've had exactly the same problem twice and both time it was caused by the battery. If you use the bike daily (and ride enough to charge the battery) and/or are still on the OE BMW unit it may be a good idea to replace it.

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well its been cold here these last few morning about 36 degrees, so I had it on the charger last night and this morning for about 10 minutes. Has always started up thou, but it is the original battery. what i find strange is that I had been doing errands all day parking in the cold and I just had parked for about 10 minutes in the garage to unload and go out again.

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The RT stock batteries are pretty poor in cold weather, even when new. If you've got the original, especially, NOW is the the time to replace it with a better quality battery.

There is one std technology (AGM) battery that has better construction than most by a pretty large margin. Its a favorite of many experienced riders and much than an oem battery from a dealership, though not the cheapest. Its US made and a favorite of racers due to its ability to hold a charge and survive deep discharge cycles. It does need a decent modern charge to be recharged if you run it vey low- many ould use an Optimate 4 and I use the Xtrme.

Its the Odyssey PC680, about $110 delivered to your door from Amazon, etc. Be sure to order the adapters for the top- its terminals are a bit different.

I've got this battery is 4 BMW bikes ranging from an R1100S to an 08RT.

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thanks racer7

was just going to do a search on which battery. I saw the beemerboneyard battery and looks ok with 275 cold start amps. My dealer wants 199 dollars for a stock gel !!!! yikes

i think I will have to wait till after xmas since its crazy right now. I'm going to get a trickle charger and hook it up every night untill then

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These BMW batteries tend to die without the least warning. Just ask my brother. Yours has fired a warning shot and it's better to listen to it.

Apart from that you'll find general consensus is the Odyssey PC680 is the way to go.

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Defo battery and not your antenna ring I think.....


Had this exact same thing the other day, turned the key, really loud clack, clack, clack and after a few attempts the EWS warning. The bike had been sat for months and I'd been lapse with the battery tender. Jumped her from a car and away she went. Fingers crossed the battery has been holding up but the weather has warmed a little here, I defo need to replace the battery as it does struggle to crank sometimes. Don't shell out on the ring, go for the battery.

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To be contrary, sometimes EWS will stop you DIYT first time.


Sometimes it likes to flirt...


Do the battery and I hope it fixes it.'Good luck.

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