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Fork seal no big deal but I have a potato chip wheel!!!


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Well, I replaced the fork seal, put the wheel back on and gave it a spin to make sure it wasn't binding...hmmmm, it was tracing a wobble instead of a nice circle...I guess that bump was a pretty tough. Oh, btw, I also found one of the ears that mount my hard cases broke off and I made another one out of aluminum and bolted/pinned/glued it one. Good as new.


Fortunately I had a spare wheel I bought on ebay. But on inspection I had found that it had a bad wheel bearing. Fortunately it was the cheap one (6204-2RS) and I bought 10 of them on Ebay cheap (SKF brand) and split them with a friend. But I hadn't replaced it yet. For those of you unfamiliar, the bearing is shrunk in and you have to heat the wheel to get it out. I used an industrial strength heat gun and I think that wasn't quite enough. A torch would be very hard to use w/o damaging the paint though...


Anyway, the manuals all say to push the center spacer over to one side. Well I ended up taking bearings out of both wheels and in neither wheel could I get the spacer to move over on either end and using a variety of drifts etc I couldn't get the bearings to budge.


I finally made an expansion arbor on my lathe and tightened it into the bearing and was able to drive it out by driving the arbor out. I think I may make a few of these and try to sell them--they work slickly.


I found that contrary to what the manuals say, both wheels had TWO centering rings, one at each end, preventing me from sliding the spacer over at all. I'll attach a photo.


Got the new bearings in, the new wheel on, and back on the road w/o missing a single day of riding. That's always my goal when I work on the bike. The only time I wasn't able to do that was when I laid it down and it took me almost a week to get it back on the road with a new fuel pump and a few other items that weren't readily available. Soon I plan to have a second bike making things like a clutch job (inevitably soon at 87k mile given how hard I and the previous owner have driven this bike) more achievable.


Anybody have any experience getting a wheel straightened? I'm in San Diego county so not shipping it would be a plus.





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I have a brother in Phoenix that just had a wheel straightened. it was about $80 but he said they did a great job. Let me know if your interested. I have two three spoke wheels that are potato chips also. thinking about having them straightened and selling them..



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$80 is less than I've found locally but with shipping it would come out about even. What I need is a business trip to phoenix....



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Jerry Johnston

The center spacer you show in your photo is different than my 96 had. Mine is two piecss and can be pushed towards the middle since together they're not as wide as yours. I think yours is an improvement.

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Anybody have any experience getting a wheel straightened? I'm in San Diego county so not shipping it would be a plus.


Call Irv Seaver BMW and ask them. There's apparently a guy in SoCal somewhere who does really good work. I don't remember his name/contact info but I've heard the guys at Seavers recommend him several times, so I'm sure they could point you in his direction.

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I have very good success getting wheels straightened at The Frame Man in Sacramento Ca.

They are a shop specialzing in motorcycle frame and wheel straightening. They charge about $100 to straighten a wheel if it is not too baddly bent.


Have it shipped there, and they will get it turned it around quickly.

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