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Transmission Removal question


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Hey Everybody



Back from 10 days in TN and back on the job with this clutch replacement that wont die project.


Ready to pull the tranny out now but, once again using Ted's video as my guide, it seems I need some guide pins to put in place of the tranny bolts to guide it on and off during removal/ instillation. Is that true? And if so...any clue where to get those suckers?


As always...TIA

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Get some long metric bolts - M8, I think, though someone else will have to confirm, or you could just take one of the bolts out and get 3 or 4 matching diameter (but much longer) bolts - and then cut the heads off of 'em. That's whut I dun.

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Yep, a few M8 bolts of about 4"-5" in length (you can get by with two but I think using four makes things a bit easier), then just cut the heads off. You can do it without the guide bolts entirely if you are very careful but you will run a risk of bending the clutch pushrod. Best to spend a few bucks and make yourself a set.

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Thanks for the confirmation and further info...!! thumbsup.gif


So let it me written...so let it be done!!


One of thsese days I may actually have a motorcycle again...he he!


Live Long and prosper!!

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