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AMA Roadside Assistance


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I've been a member on and off for a number of years but have never had to use the roadside towing. Tell us about your good or bad experiences. Is it really all worth it?

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I have AMA roadside assistance. It expires end of January. I am not going to renew it. I needed it and it was a total 100% failure.

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I have the AMA expanded coverage that includes autos, etc. and called them when my car developed a fuel leak. Their first question was "Are you located in a safe place?" Yes, my driveway. A few more questions and she assured me that help would arrive soon.

A tow arrived within 20 minutes (and I live miles out in the country) and as the truck pulled into position I got a call from AMA wanting to know if the truck arrived and if I was OK.

I was very impressed and told them so. thumbsup.gif

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