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Hard Wiring an Escort 7500 to my RT


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I cut the main power line expecting to see two or maybe three lines...I saw four...all I wanted to do was tap into a power and ground and be done with it...so, now I'm hoping someone can let me know which is the positive and which is the ground....I have a red, green, brown and black....which do I user for power...please help!

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The two innermost conductors are the power and ground for the radar detector. I use a standard phone extension cord to power mine. Pay attention to the polarity as shown in the photo below.




the outer wires are used for the mute and LED warning on the remote power lead. You won't need those for the bike connection.


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Steve has it right. BTW, the V1 uses the same setup. (at least power and ground is the same...not sure about the other two wires.)

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