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Stereo bluetooth audio adaptor for any audio device


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Interesting. My plan someday is to get a bluetooth helmet (already sold my Autocom at 220€), it is something I really would like to listen music, answer phone, talk to pillion wireless. This adaptor allows you to connect any audio source to a bluetooth helmet with the correct profile for stereo audio (A2DP). From the Endgadget post:


Here we have the Ever-e A375 Bluetooth PSP Audio Dongle which, unlike other Bluetooth PSP adapters we've seen, supports the A2DP profile for full untethered stereo sound. While built for the PSP, it happens to feature a 3.5mm (1/8-inch) audio extension allowing you to Bluetoothify just about any device pumping out audio. Since we can't find an actual product picture of it attached to a PSP we suspect they are either still gearing up for production, or humanely protecting us from an aesthetic retch response.


Product page:






Regards all,


Juan Miguel Venturello

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That is great! My System V Bluetooth helmets will be here in a two weeks, and I am looking for an audio source. I wanted a Bluetooth Ipod but can't find one...I guess this means that the sky is the limit? clap.gif

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That's getting to what I want.


A Blue Fang audio transmitter to put in my tank bag and broadcsst my XM signal to a Blue Fang receiver in my shirt pocket connected to my Etymotics EB-6's. I wouldn't mind an amp at one end of the other and multiple inputs at the transmitter end sure would be nice.


Anybody got some ideas?

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The adapter from the link is specific to Sony's PSP


There are several bluetooth iPod adapters, including the linked outfit.

The new iPods no longer have the remote port on top, so a generic one would be your best bet. (Unless you already own an older iPod.)


Here is the general product page of that same company: http://www.ever-e.com/index.htm



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