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Bungie Buddies on GS1200 cases?


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I'm not sure if I would drill through something important. There IS a suitable flat spot to place them at. I want to be able to strap down gear on top of the bags for an Alaska ride.


Any suggestions??

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Yeah, foget about the bungee buddies and just go to your local Home Depot and pick up some drawer pulls. They will allow you to use real straps rather than bungee cords which I consider dangerous. Don't get the pot metal ones. Solid brass or stainless is the ticket.


Be sure to use some largish washers under the hardware to spread the load over a bigger area of the plastic. Pull through is embarrasing.

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I don't like bungee cords. How about just using compression straps and affixing the strap around the entire bag? That's what I did on a Mexico trip, and it worked really well.

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As much as I like the OEM bags on my 1200GS, I don't think they are good for the added weight that strapping stuff on top of them would bring. The bag mounts are plastic, don't forget. If you are going solo, I would advise something like the Jesse "Solo Mount" instead, that is a plate with slots for straps that replaces the rear seat, and comes off with the key, just like the passenger seat does. It is about 1/3 of the way down this page: http://www.jesseluggage.com/rearcomp.html

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Thanks for the good info!!!


I will avoid the bungee cords.


What I REALLY need to do is haul a 2.5 gallon can for a trip from Coldfoot to Deadhorse and back, while the SO is on-board.

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I agree, ROKStraps, or similar work great, and you have less chance of them coming loose, or putting excess stress on your bags.


I use the Jesse bag mounts, but you can attach them to the frame as well.


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I had them on my system cases. Worked great. There is a perfect place to put them that does not compromise the waterproof characteristics. See pictures



To and a small side note - the latch ass'y on these cases comes out easily in one piece by removing the three Phillips screws. So as to avoid the drilling into something important issue mentioned.
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