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Best prices on Ohlins?


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I'm thinking about buying myself a Christmas present-new shocks for my '99 RT.Anyone know who's got the best deal on Ohlins front and rear? Also I remember reading a great post on this board re installation and setup but I can't remember how to find it.Help?

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This is a great price on new shocks here:




I've never used Mitch but I have used Stig Pettersson at PPS and found the customer service to be great. PPS also provides the correct spring for you and not just a standard spring.

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Yes Mitch has some specials going on this time of year and also in the spring....(no pun intended)and can get them pretty fast. Another supplier who has good prices is Dan at Kyle Racing and he will change the spring for you.



Remember, there is no such thing as bolt on out the box. You'll need to set them up for your needs. Ride height, sag, and damping levels need to be accomplished to get the most out of them. I have written up the install instructions and set up instructions should you need them. Pm me and I'll be glad to forward the information along to you. thumbsup.gif

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I'm thinking about buying myself a Christmas present-new shocks for my '99 RT.


I finally ordered my Ohlins Christmas present last week: $1,288.95 for front and rear including shipping from Kyle Racing. Looks like I'll be working in my garage next weekend!

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Good for you John...and to think you'll be having fun and saving yourself a three hour job quote from the dealer which is only an hour job including a sandwich break. grin.gif


It's best to have a buddy help you with the sag and ride height measurements before going on to the damping adjustments. grin.gif I know...it's a male bonding thing


If you need help let me know. thumbsup.gif

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