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K1200RS Change History


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I know this has been covered before but I can't find it doing searches on this site or on Google. Can anyone quickly run over when significant updates were done to the K12RS and what they were?



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To me the 2002 changes to the fairing to integrate turn signals, add footpeg, handlebar ergo adjustments, was the most significant.

Of course the ergos can be added to any year, I believe.

Optional 5.5" rear wheel, and sport suspensions also came along.

The cruise option appeared on more bikes as did the heated grips.

Some came w/"touring" screens.

Depending on your size and how the bike fits you, I'd be more interested in mileage/overall condition of bike if I were looking for one.

Best wishes.

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IMO the most significant change for '02 was the switch from conventional brakes to the newer whizzy brakes.


Also the cruise control was not even available in older bikes.



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Hello, this is my first post on this forum. What is written below is not gospel, just my recollections. You can find out a lot more about the K1200RS at Micapeak, in the motorcycle registry.


The original K1200RS came out in 1997. That early model had various teething problems, notably problems with cooling fans breaking down. I think after the second year, an optional 5.5 inch rear wheel rim was introduced (versus the stock 5 inch). In 2002, in Canada, and a year later in the US, the upper part of the bike was changed and cruise control was offered. About that time, in Europe, BMW introduced a police group that added fairing extensions to the side fairings and to the upper fairings. This bike, so equipped later became the basis for the K1200GT along with an electrically-operated windshield.


There were other changes: around 2002-3, the transmission linkage was reworked and the suspension was tweaked. My 2000 K12 has a slightly harsher ride than a later model but the transmission linkage felt more definite. Ohlins shocks cured the suspension problems. The later models also had a remote rear-preload adjuster added and they changed the colour of the spring to yellow, just like Ohlins - those clever BMW marketing types...


Overall, these bikes are reliable but they did have problems with the final drive main bearing. This bearing would fail, and required replacement. Very few bikes required this work. If it was done, check to see if they used the special BMW alignment tool. I would look for maintenance records, especially acknowledgement of warranty work.


Good luck in your search. Another site to look at is www.k-bikes.com.

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Thanks to you all for your replies. I don't think it's going to happen real soon but I'm considering a late model K12RS or GT as a more comfortable (and more capable 2 up sport-tourer) replacement for my VFR. I like the idea of the adjustable ergonomics, cruise control and adjustable windshield. I know it's only a 2 position windshield on the RS but it's better than fixed. I also know it's a heavy bike but that's nothing new to me as I've had an R11RT, Goldwing (briefly), and a Concours.


It seems to me that all the extra goodies that came on the '02 and newer RS' also came on the GTs along with those fairing extensions and electric windshield. Is this correct? Are the ergos adjustable on the GT?


Oh, and I also kinda miss the BMW community. I know I'm probably still welcome but it's just not the same when you're not riding and wrenching on a BMW.


Thanks again!

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On the GT the footpegs are adjustable.

Handlebars came = to RS in back position. Barbacks are avilable to add.

Windshield electric.

Cruise, heated grips, heated touring style seats.

XCPT for some "base model" GT's that didn't come w/these options.

Painted bag lids.

The extras included on the GT made it more cost effective than buying an RS and converting, Esp. the windshield.

The base model GT's w/out the goodies should be priced accordingly.

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