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range for 1200GS


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204.62 miles (statute). This may vary depending on load, weather, altitude, throttle setting, tires, and number of protruding aftermarket lighting units affecting the aerodynamic drag coefficient. tongue.gif

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Well, just like the title says. What is the range on an 05 1200GS?




I'll echo the 220-240 miles per tank. I've had 'er up to 240, but was on fumes then. My "get to the gas station soon you punk" warning starts coming on at about 175 miles into the tank, usually indicating about 50 miles to go.

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I get 220-240, and then I'm really needing fuel. I typically fill up just after it tops 200.


Same, but I have gone 260 once, and was near zero. I never want to do that again as it is hard on the fuel pump.


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My warning light usually pops on at 180 miles or so, and I usually refuel just over 200 miles. I've gone 230 miles and still had a bit less than a half gallon in the tank, so I think 250-ish would be maxing it out.


One thought about the 12GS warning system. Don't go by the computerized total of miles of fuel left. I can't tell you how many times I've refueled when it said "0" and I can only put 4.5 gallons into the bike (so it still had .8 gallons in there). Go by 1) your experience with the bike, and 2) the little bars on the gas gauge which are really pretty accurate. I find that I get around 12-15 miles per bar.


BTW, yesterday my warning light started at 196 miles which is crazy! Like I said, it typically comes on at around 180 miles. I refueled at 211 miles and got 5 gallons into the tank.

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