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HAM on wheels


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Having just passed our Amateur Radio Exam here in HK, some buddies and I are thinking of putting a mobile rig on our bikes. Has anyone had experience hooking up an Autocom to a mobile rig like ICOM 2720H or Kenwood TM-D700A. I'm scratching my head as to the linkup with the mic/ptt and speaker into the Autocom.


Thanks in advance for you help!


Hope everyone enjoys the holidays and have a safe and prosperous new year!

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Cables are available to interface an Autocom to all kinds of radios, not all with great success. I would browse the results here for a good overview of the problem and several proven solutions.

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Thanks! I've narrowed the search to one thread that may be of help. The thing is that any connection of the Autocom to a mobile rig vs. handheld rig will require some sort of adapter back to the Kenwood 2-pin or direct to the DIN connectors.




Wilson a.k.a mozilla_dude


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