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Christmas Present


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I'm looking at getting the DVD of Long Way Around as a gift for a riding buddy. I have yet to see it myself and would like input on the quality of the series.

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Got mine last week.The first episode is kind of slow,them getting free stuff,Ewan learning to ride off road, he is a street bike rider only at first.The rest of the episodes are great.They were meeting the nicest bunch of people. Well worth the cost.Amazon is where I got mine.

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I placed an online order a couple of days ago and it should arrive soon :-) I cannot remember which bike mag but I read an article on the DVD recently and that was what prompted me to buy it. Looks like a good story. There were two versions available here in Australia. One was a 2 CD set with 7 episodes plus extra stuff for $AU29.95 the second set was a 3 CD set with 10 episodes plus extra stuff for $AU39.95 and that's the one I have ordered from http://www.pitstop.net.au

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I bought dmine from Amazon.com.


The end of it is very disapointing.

They wind up ion New York state at Orange County Choppers.

After BMW gave them the bikes to ride, they reward OCC with an appearance, OCC guys build unridable junk that won't make it around the block and have no business in this video. Just my opinon.

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Showed up under my tree today (UPS) and made it into my DVD player tonight. Watched the first of two disks. I love just about anything with motorcycles in it, so I my review is to be discounted. On the plus side it really made me want to get out there and ride. Both Ian and Charlie were quite entertaing - which is a real plus for watching this type and length of "documentary." I also appreciated the selection of subjects they chose to cover... they showed the true grit of the country through which they were traveling rather than just the tourist traps.


On the down side, the way they traveled was quite unrealistic for the rest of us... police escorts, people greeting them in every town and taking care of their food/lodging, and two support vehicles following behind. I think they were into the third episode (thousands of miles) before they had to camp outdoors.


All considered, I'm thinking it's a must have video for any motorcycle enthusiast. But, then again, I watched Biker Boyz twice grin.gif

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Hey Wade....

Happy Birthday! clap.gif

Merry Christmas, it must be cool to see all the folks giving gifts on your birthday.

Here's to many happy returns. thumbsup.gif

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Thanks Tim.


It was an interesting Christmas this year. Our local windstorm took the power out from 8am until nearly 3pm. The family played the kids new board games and put together new lego kits. Around 5pm my duaghter began feeling sick and hit a temperature of 100.2. Long story short we got back from the hospital after midnight with a schedule to have my daughters tonsils out in the next couple of days. frown.gif The joy of parenting. I'd rather have the pain myself then see my kids suffer with it.


Oh, I did get a new motorcycle travel journal from my wife. She says I shouldn't use it until there's a new bike to go with it. Love that gal I do smile.gif

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