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Spline Problems in R1200RTs?


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After reading the many posts regarding spline failures in the 1100 and 1150 RTs, I'm wondering if the design of the 1200RT has been improved to solve these types of problems which BMW doesn't admit exist. My '04 RT has 16K on the clock and about a year's warranty left. I like the way it rides and I'm sure I'd like the 1200RT, but don't want to buy a similar design flaw. Any thoughts/experience on this issue with the new RTs?

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While the basic design concept is the same, it's too early to tell if the core problem (whatever it may be) has been solved. I've not heard of any failures on the R1200RT. Seems like there has been one post here (or could have been on UKGS'er.com) of one on a R1200GS.

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