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Can anyone


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tell me if the on board radio harness on an 02 1150RT is the same radio harness used in BMW cars? I'm looking to put in a different radio. Thanks


It is almost exactly the same as used on the Z4. I had to cut off two small lugs to make a Z4 harness adaptor fit when I installed my Kenwood radio CD.


Cya, Andy thumbsup.gif

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OK..I went to 3 different places and brought in my stock radio to see if anyone, ANYONE, can match it up with something that they have or can get. No dice. I know that many of you have installed aftermarket radios, including CD players that have auxilary inpu. PLease,PLEASE, help me with this. When the snow goes away, I want to hear some tunes.

Thank you all in advamce


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When I installed my Sony Radio/Cassette I went to the local

electronics retailer (circuit city) and bought a BMW to Sony adapter cable and everything plugged together just fine. If you find a shop the installs car radios/stereos they should have what you need. It's just a plug and play !



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