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uneven z6 rear tire wear


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Is it common for the a Z6 rear tire to wear on the left side more than the right? I currently have 5300 miles on it and check the psi before every ride (42psi). The front has the same mileage and shows very little wear. According to the wear bars I have less than 1000 estimated miles left in the rear tire, and I am happy with that considering my riding style and type of roads I travel on. But what concerns me is the left side tire wear. Is this common toward the end of a rear Z6's life? All the threads I find on uneven tire wear only address the front tire . thanks Doug

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Pretty common. You might be seating just a bit offset on your bike and thereby causing the wear. There is also the theory that here in the land of right lane driving, left turns have a wider radius and therefore you spend more miles turning left than right. I think that makes some sense for rear tires and a bit less for fronts. I also feel strongly that your tire pressure is too high but that's a personal thing and as frought with danger as questioning someone's religion.


Peace be upon you.

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Calvin  (no socks)

I have worn out 3 sets of Z6s 0n my KGT. Even wear and lots of rubber hanging off, after a weekend in the mountians... grin.gif

Even wear on all sets...

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I've worn out two sets of Z6's on my RT and the rear tire wear was even - I keep inflated at 42 psi also.


Do you pack your loads evenly, or do you always have your gear primarily in your left system case - that could possibly contribute to uneven wear - or it could just be as Ed says, due to the length of arc - but in my experience I did not encounter this phenomenon.

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I've run different brands on my RT and each has the same issue with left side wear but only on the front tire. The rear usually wears from even to flat spotted.


Many folks here on the DB have reported similar front wear but I don't recall any other posts with rear tires doing the same.

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Thanks everybody for the info. I should have added that I just returned from a 500 mile two-up trip on some twisty roads in north Alabama and I did pack the left bag a little heavy to compensate for a little pttr I was having with the added weight of two riders and baggage. Thanks again for the replies. I have owned my 2000 RT for a year now and folks on this site are always helpful. Remember the old tv commercial that said "you meet the nicest people on a Honda"? I believe you meet the nicest people on a "Beemer". Merry Christmas, birdman

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