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I'm in shock. Really sad news. He was a good friend and riding buddy. Condolences to Lisa, Zach and Sam and the rest of the Poindexter family.

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very sad news. it will be a major story down here in nasa land.


think of all the danger/risk he was involved in during his career...a jet ski.

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This is so heartbreaking.


Several of us were fortunate to come to personally know Dex through riding events on this board, and his generosity and humility matched his formidable talent and skills.


What a great man. So sorry for his family's loss.

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I'm sick to my stick. Friend, riding partner, astronaut (3 trips in the shuttle), great husband/father, died in a water ski accident yesterday. I'm still in shock. We rode in two countries and 7 states together. I still can't believe it. Alan Poindexter, you were a good man and may you RIP. This shot was taken on our trip through northern Mexico. Thanks to Jake for letting us know.





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I'm so very sorry for the pain you feel David and for that of all the folks here who knew Dex. Thank you for sharing those photos.



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I was shocked when I cliked on the news link. You never expect it to be someone you know. My prayers and condolences go out to his family.

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Les is more

I am so sorry!! My heart goes out to his family and to his sons in particular. I only had a chance to ride with Dex a few times. He was one of those people you took to immediately. What horrible news!


Here's the pic Kathy was looking for-




More on Dex

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I'm SO sorry to hear of this. And so sad for those of you who were his dear friends.


Had always hoped to meet him sometime and figure out where our family trees actually connected.


Condolences to all.


Shannon Poindexter

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A couple others from that same trip:








Letting my son James check out the T-38:



And a visit to Monterey last year to ride PCH:



Enjoying his new job as the Dean at the Naval Postgraduate School



Many other great memories. :(

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The paper where most of the details showed up called me, and I gave them an interview to fill in some of the personal side of Dex. I also gave them some more pictures to post. Here's the article:




I also just heard from Lisa, his wife. She just emailed two words: "In shock."

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Paul Mihalka

Terrible shocking news. Condolences to the family and to DAvid and others who lost a friend.

Just another example that you never know what and when it is going to take you.

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I heared of it from of all places on the radio broadcast at noon today at work. Took my breath away that we lost him so suddenly.


Godspeed and shine with the stars Dex!

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I really feel for the son (who hit them), I suspect he will have some struggles.


How ironic that Dex engaged in one of the most dangerous professions there is, then to die doing something rather straight forward. There's no explaining it all.


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Both Deb and I are absolutely gutted. We spent an enjoyable time with Dex and Lisa several years back, talking about travelling and retirement. RIP to a great guy.


We can only imagine the grief she and the boys are enduring at this time. Our heartfelt condolences go out to them.

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A bunch of great pictures (35 or so) of Dex and more details about his life in this expanded article from a Florida newspaper that's followed it most closely. He's smiling in every picture, of course! David Bearden and I were just on the phone, pausing between tears a few times, thinking about it. Many Pix and Story about Dex

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