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Schubert helmets


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The C2 is a complete redesign of the old Concept. The redesign was to answer all the complaints of the old model.

Here is the press kit on the helmet.

The Schuberth Concept helmet uses a one-touch flip-up chin bar, which is a great benefit when wanting to speak to another person. It also greatly improves the ingress and egress and the helmet can be put on or taken off without taking one's eyeglasses off. The chin bar rises simply by depressing a latch on the left hand side of the helmet and swinging the chin bar up to a detent, top position.

The Concept helmet's unique integral sun visor feature allows the rider to instantly flip down a dark shield while riding without the hassle of having to stop and put on dark glasses or change to a dark face shield. The sun visor also retracts instantly with the flip of a lever on the left side of the helmet.

The clear face shield on this Schuberth helmet has a "city" position that allows the shield to be positioned slightly forward from the helmet to improve ventilation while in town or during very hot riding conditions. The clear face shield also has a quick disconnect feature that allows it to be quickly removed and replaced without any tools.

The Schuberth Concept helmet is claimed to be extremely quiet due to extensive aerocoustic testing, plus the flip feature allows for the chin padding around the bottom of the helmet to fully captivate and seal the helmet from road noise.

Outer shell: Shell material: "S.T.R.O.N.G - Fibre", special glass-fibre reinforced Duroplast

Matrix, based on helmet shell technology. Newly developed by SCHUBERTH. Light in weight but guaranteeing the hardness and rigidity that is necessary for optimum safety. Weight of the outer shell: 450 Gram.

Inner shell: Made from optimized Special-EPS-Foam, used exclusively by SCHUBERTH. Modular structure makes for optimal distribution of shock absorption properties improved force absorption and distribution.

Aerocoustic: A quiet helmet enhances the motorcyclist's powers of concentration and alertness.

The Aerodynamics of the C2 is directionally stable, Radial-Spoiler, no drifting, no buffeting.

The Visor: Optical Class 1 in accordance with DIN EN 166 throughout the entire field of vision ensures fatigue-free vision even on long trips. Depending on position, the thickness of the visor varies between 2 and 3 mm (lens effect) due to optical adjustment. High Clear® III anti-scratch coating on the outer surface, High Clear® III anti-fog coating on the inner surface.

Sun Shade: Sun visor integrated pivoting High Clear® III-Antifog coating on both sides 80% grey tinted. The integrated Sun visor guarantees better vision in difficult light conditions.

Ventilation System: A newly developed HELMET CROWN VENTILATION SYSTEM guides airflows from the ventilation inlet straight to the upper head area. A PERMANENT AIR EXTRACTION SYSTEM and an interior lining equipped with COOLMAX® ensure a pleasant in-helmet climate. Huge ventilation inlet EPS-Inner shell with air channels. The CHIN VENT effectively directs air onto the visor's inner surface.

The O2 Ventilation: The concentration of carbon dioxide inside the helmet is a key safety criterion in regards to preventing fatigue and the thinning of breathable air. No negative effects on health need be feared as long as the CO2 concentration remains below 0.5%. Even when the neck zone is sealed off creating a closed air supply, the C2 helmet guarantees that the CO2 concentration remains below the 0.5% limit from a speed of approx. 18 mph. This is due to the helmet's integrated system that ensures that the degree of in-helmet ventilation never falls below a necessary minimum in such situations. In cases where the helmet is completely sealed as described above, the shield ought to be opened into what is effectively a city-travel position for safety reasons when idling for example at traffic lights or when traveling through town at low speeds.

Fastener System: Quick-release push-button fastener.

Inner lining equipped with COOLMAX®. Skeletonized for effective ventilation. Removable head pads are hand washable up to 30°, Antiallergenic, Antibacterial for an optimum fit and enhanced ventilation high-quality, skin-compatible materials high Techskin content.

Standard: ECE-R 22.05 and DOT Approved

• Colors: Silver, Black, White

• Sizes: Small-XXL in White --- Small-XXXL in Black & Silver

Note - The reason this helmet is not Snell approved; Snell states: "At present, the Foundation has not had the opportunity to test any of the flip-up front type helmets. So far, we can not find any fault with these designs as long as they are used according to the manufactures instructions. This helmet is extremely will designed and very strong."



The Concept helmet is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years from date of purchase by the original buyer.

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The C-2 is a much better helmet than than the Concept.It seals much better ( important on the 19 degree mornings...) and the top vent actually works...It's also much quieter.

Steve thumbsup.gif

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Chuck, I've had my C2 for about a month and I am impressed. It is quieter than my Shoei 900 because it seals your head more from the outside winds. A proper fit is important as I went up a size from my Shoei. My dealer had some C2s but not my prefered color in stock and didn't know when they would be getting more. So I ordered on line and saved close to $75. (Hey, I gave them a chance didn't I)

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Schuberth flip fronts are great helmets. I had an original concept (see photo), it was very comfortable and I really liked the features. One of the best features, I thought, was the face shield "city position" .

Best of all was that it saved my life in a high speed accident (see photo)\. That chunk thats missing out of the visor ended up in my mouth and the chin bar did break off on one side, but still not too bad for a 80 mph crash.

Unfortunately when I tried to replace it with a C2, I found that Schuberth no longer makes a XXXL helmet (despite some of their advertising). I was told that the shell was redesigned so that a C2 XXL would replace the original XXXL.

I ordered one and I can tell you that I did not come close to fitting. The "headband" size was close, but the sides were crushing my ears and cheekbones rightaway. Also it seemed to have a lot less room in the chin area.

I think the C2's are really good helmets, but I would highly recommend that you try one on and wear it for a little while.

By the way I ended up buying a Shoei X-11. It's not a flip up but is a superbly comfotable, light and well ventilated lid.


Mike Canant


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I have both, the C2 is better in a lot of ways but both helmets are really good. Ventilation and the sunvisor for sure on C2 are better. I do find the C2 is actually noisier than my Concept if the top vent is open I get a wind growl on my R11RS - but you can feel the hair on top of your head moving around in the air stream - it's that well ventilated. On long trips I wear earplugs anyway.


I wear a medium in C1 as well as C2. I was told that I should try a small in the C2 but when I tried it on it was too tight and my chin would hit the chin bar. Definately you need to try this helmet on before buying.

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Recommendation: do not buy this helmet over the internet w/o trying it on first. I bought the S1 in my typical size and found it to be way too small - should have worn it around the store for 15 minutes or so before leaving. I took it back for the next size up and it still took a while to wear in. One of the guys at the dealer who had owned the original Concept said he purchased the C2 when it came out and found it to be so much smaller size-for-size that he thought they had mislabled the helmet.

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I recently bought a Schuberth C-2 and have put about 1500 miles on it. So far so good. I had been using a Nolan flip front that was more than 6 years and was getting tired. I was looking for another Nolan, but I couldn’t find anyone in the Dallas area that stocked them, they all said that they could get them but I really wanted to size it correctly. I liked the latch on the helmet, as it’s simpler that D-rings for my fingers. During my search for a helmet I asked the dealers (about 10) why they didn’t stock Nolans. The overwhelming response was that Nolan doesn’t take care of their problems, and tends to disappear when there are problems. The same was said about Aria, and to some degree that came out in a thread last week. The dealer that I got the Schuberth from said the amount of problems that he saw with the Schuberth was very, very small and with the scratch resistant shields he had replaced only 7 of them in 2 years. I digress.


I’ve used flip fronts for years so I have a feeling for the helmets. I find the convenience with glasses and having the ability to expose your face (kids do scream though) for more air when you’re not riding to be such a plus.


The Schuberth is heavier than other helmets and the weight is noticeable with the chin bar all the way up. It does pull on my neck when it’s up, but the time that it is in the up position is typically not a long interval and ultimately wasn’t a problem. With the chin bar in the normal position I didn’t notice anything abnormal and didn’t notice the weight one way or another. The visibility is better than with my Nolan, and there appears to be more facial room. The enclosures around the chin and neck worked well and kept the air out and thus noise in that area to a minimum. The C-2 also allows you to pull the face shield forward 1/8 inch to allow for more air circulation. That seems to be a cool thing, but I found that it created a rumble in the helmet. I went back to opening the shield one click and that seemed to work well to minimize the noise and increased the circulation.

The internal sun visor is very nice and does have good functionality. Some have said that it is a gimmick, but that’s what was said about the BMW electric windshield! The optics of the sun visor was fine for me. I have used the visor during the day and found that it was an asset when I didn’t have my sunglasses on. This morning I was heading due east looking into the sun with sunglasses on. I lowered the shade half way and it really helped with the glare.


Overall I like the Schuberth, it fit my head well, is comfortable, very well made, has a removable liner, the chin bar latch mechanism works effortlessly and locks (visibly) positively in place, parts and support seem to be available, and is somewhat quiet. Like all helmets you do need ear plugs. Schuberth is very proud of their helmets as witnessed by the price.


If you’re putting speakers in the helmet it’s not as straight forward as other helmets, as the cheek pads have a nice liner that is difficult to remove without harming it. You will need a T-9 torx, and a 2.5 mm hex for the screws on the side to remove the chin bar.

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Thanks to you and all for the info. I too have the 6 year old Nolan. After the 1st of Jan I will give some lucky dealer way to much money.. grin.gif

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