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Has anybody tried Booster Plug?


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I have one installed on my 05 1200RT

It was originally purchased for my 04 1150RT, but never installed as I ended up, trading it in on the current one.


Before using it on my 1200RT, I had the manufacturer confirm that it was the identical unit to my 1150RT and could be used "as is" directly on the 1200RT with no modifications.


There has been no noticeable difference in the bike's throttle response and as such will be removed, the next time I have the fairing off, as it is just another added failure point that has no additional benefit..."in my case".


I am not in any way denying that it might show benefits for other Users, just not in my case.

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Morning Dave


Things like the "Booster Plug" & other "Intake Air Temperature" spoofers only work in open loop operation. On your 1200 ST that is mostly on a cold engine or at full throttle after a short interval, or on big changes to the throttle position. Your ST mostly operates in closed loop once warm & the Booster Plug does nothing for your fueling in closed loop operation.


Even then the BMW 1200 BMS-K fueling system has a learning ability so can negate some of the small gains derived from things like a Booster Plug.


Some claim they work on the BMW 1200 but never any Dyno data shown or any other proof other than it SEEMS to feel better.


I have a home made Intake Air Spoofer (homemade Booster Plug) on one of my personal 1200 hexheads (multi position) with one position that closely matches the Booster Plug & I would be willing to bet if you rode the bike you couldn't tell if it was turned on or off.


On thing to be careful of on the 1200 hexhead is things like the "Booster Plug" force the open loop cold-start fueling to be very very rich & that can be harmful to an engine due to cylinder washing & engine oil dilution. (reason I have a switch to turn mine off).


From what I can tell using a Booster Plug in warm weather doesn't hurt anything so about all you are doing telling the fueling system it is colder outside that it really is. But if you regularly start your engine in real cold weather either disconnect the Booster Plug or add a switch so you can turn it off.



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Before using it on my 1200RT, I had the manufacturer confirm that it was the identical unit to my 1150RT and could be used "as is" directly on the 1200RT with no modifications.



Morning Alfred


You might not want to take manufacturer's word for the Booster Plug being the same between your old 1150 Ma 2.4 system & your new 1200 BMS-K. Or maybe it is the same unit but if it is that in itself tells a story about the Booster Plug's claims.


You might want the check the resistance values of your current 1200 hexhead & your old 1150 system yourself. The "Intake Air Sensor" value string is different between the IAT used on the 1150 MA 2.4 & the IAT used on the 1200 hexhead BMS-K. (the 1150 MA 2.4 & the 1200 BMS-K use different intake air sensors with different resistance values per degree).


@ 20° there is almost 3.8K ohms difference between the 1150 IAT & the 1200 IAT ___ (@ 20°c -the- 1150= 2.5k & the 1200=6.28K)


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I have one on both my 05 and 08 RT's. The bikes run better at slow speeds and that is what it'd supposed to do. I hear alot of guy's say they don't work and I hear alot of guys say that they do! I'm happy with the results and that's what counts!



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I have one on my ST.... full Remus... less decel pop (I think)... but where are the controlled studies!? double blind vs placebo.. if you live nearby, we could arrange for a single blind.. have the local mechanic take them on and off without our knowledge at regular service checks.. hmmmm

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