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So Cal Ride II check in


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In by 8:00 pm,360 miles,we dodged a minor mechanical disaster, some roadside repairs, pics and tall tales to follow.....


Good guys and a great ride again :clap:




Don J :wave:

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In also. Great ride. Lots of twistys and great people to ride and play with. Thanks Long John for getting us out today.Fun,fun.I never thought that Don or any rider would have a by-pass for a quick disconnect spare to repair with. Approximate 45 min. repair. Great weather.

Doesn't get much better than this without young chicks showing cleavage. :grin:











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Got back about 6:30-7. 330 miles with alot of turns. Great ride with a great group!

Thanks Don you saved my ass by having a fitting to replace the faulty plastic piece of garbage disconnect on the expensive German motorcycle. Beavis was really on top of his game with that design.


The only thing better... would have been our man Mike heating up the fitting to get it off. :rofl:

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In by 8:30 or so after doing some errands and slogging through the 405 south of Sunset. What a great day. Coming down 18 into civilization was the highlight for me with 38 a close second.


Frank, we did have that young lady in short shorts :)


Thanks for coming out gents. Where can we go next time?


Oh and Jose made it back safe and sound too. His Revit suit was purdy.


Larry what were you trying to tell that pickup driver with your hand signals?

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I was thinking of trying to make it up to the start point yesterday, but it was a bit too early for me... So today, I did a similar ride to what you guys did yesterday.


I left my house (in North San Diego county) early this morning, rode 5 to 210 to 2, and met up with two friends from the LA area (R1200RT, and R1200GS riders) at the Shell gas station on the west side. We rode ACH west to east, with a quick break just before the tunnel. We continued on ACH to 138 to 18. A few miles west of Running Springs, my friends broke off, and headed towards home. I continued on 18 to 330. I briefly got on 210, and exited San Bernardino Ave and took a few turns to get to San Timoteo Canyon. I rode that to 10, and went up an exit or two and got on 79, and took that to Hemet, and a few more roads to get to Sage Rd. Took Sage to 79, through Temecula, to Pechanga, to Old 395, to Deer Springs, and home.


There was a pretty large fire near Beaumont that was putting a lot of smoke into the air, and airplanes were dropping fire retardant on it. The flames were visible to my left, in the mountains as I rode along 79.


The ride was great.. 333 miles door-to-door. Hope to catch you guys on another of your rides some time.

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We did a SD ride a couple of years ago and it was fantastic. Dennis set it up. Lots of curvy county roads down there.

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