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September BMWMOA Rally Cedar City UTAH


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I haven't been to an official rally since I first bumped into BMWRT.COM up in Oregon at one in 2001. That said the Cedar City Utah BMWMOA rally in September is just to close to ignore. Since I have a friends house to use for the rally, even though it is so close I'll being staying in Cedar for the event.

Any BMWST.COM riders who might be attending? Hopefully if there are we can meet up and do a ride or 2.

I still remember (still have a couple actually of the old gray t-shirts BMWRT.COM) how my attention was immediately drawn to those shirts.



Always liked that shirt best. Anyway if anyone is going or thinking about going let me know.

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Just so folks know,this is not the big MOA international Rally,which is in Sedalia,Mo in July.

This is an MOA weekend event.


Few details here:



Check the recent BMWON,MOA's magazine for more details


As all who have been to Torrey know,this is great riding in this region and fantastic scenery.

Get there if you can!



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Not that many events, but it's funny how the good events all seem to be set on the same weekends...go figure!


I'll probably be in Torrey, and then departing for the deep south and the northeast...


Steve in So Cal

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Yes, I didn't notice the conflict but I'm registered at the BMWMOA rally as I've never been and I've been to Torry about a million times! Torry is just a quick day run up and back for me now from St George and from Cedar it is even closer. So, I'll just make a Torry ride part of my MOA rides. I love living here in Southern Utah and the biggest problem is even being retired there are just too many great places to ride.

My favorite ride these days is the 89 and 89A loop over to Powell and back. If you haven't done that one put it on your list.

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