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Breaking in New Pads


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Putting new brake pads on my '03 RT. Awhile ago, there was a thread that detailed how to disable ABS. Should I do that for a few stops when I burnish the new pads? Maybe it's not even recommended anymore, but I recall manufacturer's directions saying that one should come to a few quick stops with new pads. Is it just as effective with the ABS on?



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Different manufacturers recommend different procedures, and it also varies based on pad material/composition. I'd think the best bet for correct advice would be to contact the manufacturer of your chosen pads - or, if you're really lucky, the procedure will be printed on the packaging as it was on the last pads I installed. (And, for what's it's worth, which is probably not much, those pads said not to make quick stops for the first few hundred miles and to specifically avoid engaging the ABS during that time.)



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Almost (but not some true race pads) all padsbenefit from a break in.

No magic needed.

Purpose is to heat cycle the pads a few times- means get them hot but not smoking hot and let cool.

Typically a few solid stops from from 60 to 20 or so work fine. Do enough to get pads a fair bit hotter than in normal traffic stops and let cool. That's it.


Helps bed surfaces, get deposition layer on rotor which is critical to good smooth performance, etc.


DO NOT ABUSE when doing this. Non-sinterd pads might get wrecked, rotors damaged, etc...

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