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Pandora Motorsports BMW


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Any experiences with this dealership ?


Salesman Tyler promised to send me a stock seat that came with the 1200RT I bought from them. Now he tells me that the seat does not exist. What should I do ? Is the stock seat worth making an issue of this ? I wanted to find out for myself. But just like Watergate, one silly story has lead to another. I am loosing trust ??


Thoughts please.

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No.. Caveat Emptor.


What seat is on the bike ? Most any aftermarket is way better than stock anyway, so why get upset. Go for a ride and all will be well :thumbsup:

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What is in your sales contract?



Worth more than stock.

Sell it and buy a stock one.


Or ride the bike, if you don't like the seat, perhaps someone with a stock will trade.


If a real issue, contact sales manager and inquire.

Did sales person run it by the manager?

Good luck.

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His name is Justin Prann and he is a heck of a nice guy. As a matter of fact, the entire dealership is as nice as can be.


I hope you get this worked out.

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I bought my R1150RT from Pandora. Great shop. Nice people. I'd definitely buy from them again without hesitation. They keep Tyler extremely busy. I'd definitely try to get the seat but it's possible he just made a mistake.

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Glad to hear this. It's a quality establishment and about the only place in this part of the country you can get good BMW service.

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Glenn Reed
Justin, owner, took care of things. Problem solved


Justin actually came here and posted when they were getting the dealership setup, and he sounded like a standup guy, good to hear that reality matched up to the talk.

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I've dealt with them a few times since the purchase of my Ducati. Without going into details, my dealings with them were remarkable from a customer's perspective.

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