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Seeking Side Case Scratch Advice


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Does anyone have a tried and true method or technique for removing scratches from BMW black side cases? Hopefully someone knows how to make the side cases look like new.

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If the scratches are not deep (ie: scuff marks from boots), use 0000 grade steel wool and a lubricant (I used armor all) Lightly sand in a circular motion, gradually increasing pressure until marks are gone. Works for me.

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The scratches that won't buff out can be hidden quite effectively with a black grease pencil. Listo pencil works just as well, like they used to price mark bananas with in the grocery years ago.

Rub some into the grain and then rub vigourously with your finger to blend. The heat generated by your rubbing sort of melts the media into the grain making the sctatches all but disappear. It holds up well and looks good for a long time as it does not wash off with normal cleaning.

Obviously, if the scratch is deep enough that the grain is gone it can't bring that back, but it can restore the color.

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Took mine to an unrelated BMW Collision Center and the Shop Manager buffed it out for free.....he knew someday I would need a repair that would cost more......he had it like new in less than 10 minutes...

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I would have been keen to hear the various responses to this thread, but no more. My RT is now minus both side panniers and a load of other plastic panels and bits. Seems my next door neighbour confused the accelerator and brake pedal momentarily. End result was that he hit the left side pannier on my parked bike fair and square with the headlight cluster on his new Mercedes. Bike toppled over, destroying the right side pannier, and causing a whole load of damage to the right side - engine case, mirror, etc, etc.


What amazed me, however, was that the side panniers, although they look quite tough, just completely shattered, like they were eggshells.


Anyway, he admitted liability on the spot, so his insurance will treat me to a good as new bike for the New Year.

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