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Generic brake pad/rotor question


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When you replace a set of brake pads, do you use "scotch bright" or lightly sand/scuff your rotors or just leave them alone (provided they are in specs on thickness)?


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Afternoon outpost22


At the very least wipe the rotors off with brake clean. If the rotors look to be stained or glazed then use some sand paper or a red Scotch Bright to clean them up.


If you don't rough the rotor surface up a bit then be real easy breaking in the new brake pads as the rotors will glaze easily if you are harsh with them as new.


The biggest "potential problem" is usually encountered when changing brake material from one type to another. If your old pads left a deposit on the rotors & your new pads don't get along with that old pad transfer you could end up with a pulsation issue.


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I have a related question. I few weeks ago I replaced the stock pads with Galfer. I now have a squealing at low speed, say 25mph & lower. I was watching Wheeler Dealers on Velocity last week, as I always do, & during the brake rebuild he applied copper lube (anti-sieze?) to the back side of the pads. He said it would eliminate squealing.


DR, what do you know of this? I've always beveled the edges of pads for this reason, but my new Galfers were already beveled, & they still squeal.

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Evening Danny


Are you sure it was Anti Seize? There are lots of anti squeal products that can be applied to the back of a brake pad to stop brake squeal but Anti Seize wouldn't be on my recommended list.


Just stop by local auto parts store & ask what they have for an anti squeal product.


Some of the better compounds are also heat insulators that can help keep brake pad heat from entering the brake fluid through the caliper pistons.


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Thanks for your information.


I am replacing the stock rear pads on the F650 with Carbone Lorraine pads from Beemerboneyard. Usually I just wipe them down like you suggest. I am unfamiliar with the Carbone Lorraine pads and their tendencies. Wasn't sure if sanding would be necessary or not. It probably can't hurt.


With the RT I usually use a fine grit sandpaper on the disks during pad replacement.



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