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gear oil change question


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Hi all,

I'm doing my first fluid change on my new to me 01 RT. I have the hypoid gear oil (GL-5) ready to go. The oil I drained out of the gear box and final drive was red. So, my question. Is there red GL-5 gear oil? Or was dextron trans fluid put in? If the consensus is this must be A/T fluid is it compatable with good old fashioned GL-5 80/90 gear oil? Service records show a consistant use of BMW dealers for service so I am guessing the BMW tranny oil is red?????


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You might try Redline Heavy Shockproof (it is red in color and a 75w240 synthetic). I had been running 75w90 gear oil and just switched to it and it sure seemed to shift a lot smoother and slicker. For the rearend I had tried a synthetic but kept getting a little seaping from the input seal so switch back to regular 90w gear oil and it has stayed dry since.

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Well, I put the dino 80/90 in and will assume the best. I'll look into that redline next time.

Thanks all

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+1 on the Redline Shockproof,I use it in my trans and final drive.

I also use it in the trans in my fatboy.

Lucky for me a dealer is not to far. Its not readily available.

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