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2005 R1200RT wiring diagram


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I am adding a couple of things and I need to know where some wires

are. The high beam wire and the ground for the turn signal cancel

button. I would like to pick them up at the junction block under

the tank. Anybody have a diagram or know where I can get one?

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Afternoon klondike


The turn signal cancel ground is a brown wire in the X-9080 connector. The high beam control from the bar switch is the Brown/white wire in the X-9070 connector. To find those connectors under the tank just follow the wire harness down from the handle bar switch pods. (none of my BMW wire diagrams show the exact locations of those connectors)


Remember on your 2005 1200RT the lighting & turn signal system is controlled by the onboard electronic modules not switch-direct to the components (basically the handle bar switches talk directly to the ZFE module (Central chassis electronics) so if you tie anything with a potential load or B+ potential into those control circuit wires it could cause the ZFE to report a failure & shut that circuit down.


On the Can Bus era BMW's you are much better off to use the ZFE OUTPUT side of the control circuits so as to not confuse the ZFE inputs.


For ground just use the battery (-) post or clean chassis ground & for high beam input just use the white wire right at the high beam bulb area.


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