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Something to Make You Smile


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was produced by the faculty and students of our local high school to commemorate today's graduation. Hokey? Maybe. But, I got a real kick out of it.
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Very Hokey. But better than anything they would put on MTV. Looks like they had fun, and it will be a great memory for them, thanks.

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Wonderful video. I was a high school teacher for 30 years and it reminded me how much fun it was working with kids.

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I sometimes see my students on video.


Just a different type.



They think Sir Valence is a Knight of the Round Table.


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Well that’s pretty impressive. Not only the enthusiasm and work to put something like that (what a coordination effort!) together, but also the underlying ‘we’re all different but the same’ message.


I hadn’t given it a lot of thought, but I guess it’s true, a high school (or university for that matter) IS one of the more diverse environments with student’s exploring and in to many different things. The vid explores and celebrates that while at the same time championing unity. (We’re all “Huskies”.)


When (and why?) as adults do we so seem to loose that? Recognizing the strength of our differences and sameness at the same time.


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Les is more

Ridiculous! Ridiculously cute, ridiculously well done, ridiculously spirited--I loved it!

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Husker Red

I thought I would just click on it for a moment but I ended up watching the whole thing. That was fun. Thanks for sharing.

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Glenn Reed

Obviously lots of students with a large variety of interests, and the way they presented it was great. As a former robotics mentor for my older son's team, I definitely picked up on the robot from this year's FIRST competition.


Very well done, and thanks for sharing!

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Did you see all the activities those kids can choose from??

Definately a good shoot. Now I wonder if the other high school in town will answer the call next year.

We graduated 750 from North and 700 from Central Monday nite.

Town was a little noisey :clap:

Ya I live there, my tax money at work :rofl:

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I enjoyed watching!

Pretty darn cool way to get all of the school having fun.

Planning and execution had to have been a blast!

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